‘The Colourblind Grief’ is a runner-up at the San Francisco Book Festival!

I was thrilled to discover that author Jude Gorini is a runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival’s ‘Gay’ Category, and also received honourable mention in the ‘How To’ category, with his debut novel, The Colourblind Grief, which was published by EIF earlier this year. Huge congratulations to Jude, not only for this accolade, but also for breaking into the independent bookstore market in the US. His book is now available at the following US bookstores: Book Soup – West Hollywood: Little District Books – Washington, D.C.; The Powell’s Book – Portland; Fabulosa Books – San Francisco; and BGSQD – New York City!

About the book

London 2011, the year before the Olympics. The city is buzzing, and Daniel is just starting his journey into self-destruction: living a life of toxic love as his only remaining option. Sex, drugs and rock & roll are his sustenance. His mental health issues warp his life.

10 years later, everything has changed. Was it just a lie created by his family, or by his mind?
This is a journey of death and rebirth, through obsession and healing, towards discovery of the inner self.

A rip-roaring ride of a confessional novel, which takes place within the gay club scene of East London, before moving to Europe and the serene, sandy beaches of La Graciosa. Jude Gorini has written a brave, uncompromising tale which deals with issues of mental health, sexual identity and self-discovery. Difficult to put down, and impossible to forget!

Preparing to launch In The Shadow of Rainbows

In tune with the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation here at EIF H.Q., rave reviews of Selma Martin’s forthcoming poetry collection, In The Shadow of Rainbows, continue to pour in:

“Selma is an extraordinary story – teller, for she is able to make you immerse yourself into the character she created even if it is a simple narrator of a poem she wrote.” β€” Thanks to author Michelle Ayon Navajas, for her perceptive review. I would encourage you to read it in full for a taster of what to expect from this beautiful book!

You can also read an interview with the author at MasticadoresUSA, where editor Barbara Harris Leonhard talks to Selma about her purpose in writing the book. Stay tuned for further news!

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  1. Congratulations to Jude..its in my TBR, and i am truly thrilled for the release of Selm’s book…congratulations To EIP..❀️

  2. Wonderful news about Jude’s book! So happy for Selma. I know she is over the moon publishing her first book! Wishing the authors and the publisher continued success! You’re on a roll, Ingrid! <3

  3. Fantastic news coming from EIF. I LOVE IT ALL.
    Congratulations to Jude. Amazing good work. And to EIFβ€”wow ((hugs))

    Aww β€” thanks for all you do, dear Ingrid. Blessings. And here’s look at your continued success. XoXo

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