Praise for ‘In The Shadow of Rainbows’ & further Publishing News!

With only two weeks to go until launch, praise for Selma Martin’s debut poetry collection has been coming in thick and fast. Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed and proofread the book in advance of publication. Thank you also to photographer Kathryn A. Leroy for the beautiful cover photograph. Selma has noted that, with the initial cover reveal, many people came to her and said how much they love the cover. This is also heartening to me as a publisher!

Advance Reviews

Selma has been lighting up the blogosphere with news of her forthcoming poetry collection! Here is a selection of comments from the advance reviews we have received so far:

Selma is a beautifully altruistic soul who sees rainbows through her tears. As Selma says, “I’m confident that one poem in this book will take your hand, reunite you with your echo and take you home…” She lives near the sea and writes about both nature’s beauty and humanity’s brokenness. Be ready for Selma’s poetry to play with your thoughts and discover your heart hiding in the shadows!
— Lynn Wielenga,

“In The Shadow of Rainbows” is a delightful and profoundly thoughtful collection of poems. Selma Martin’s inner light radiates from every sparkling page. Her colorful word choices enrich her writing. From scientific references to literary allusions, from international slang to quaint, archaic expressions, words flow harmoniously in the poems.

Throughout the book, you will find exquisite imagery. Inspiration comes from nature: ocean, sky, sunlight, moonlight, stars, flora, fauna, and, of course, shadows and rainbows...”In The Shadow of Rainbows” is surely one of Selma Martin’s most loving gifts to the world!
— Cheryl Batavia,

First, I will say that your words don’t speak to me! They SCREAM at me! My emotions ran in circles in my head … giggling like a child to a river of tears streaming down my cheeks, where I could see my own rainbows. Oh how I could have used this book while I was recuperating from my heart transplant. The pictures you paint with your words are those of a fine artist. The pictures painted in my head were realistic, black and white ….. at times in a misty fog as the words flowed to the next line. Beautiful, simply beautiful.
— DAP, My2ndHeartBeat

I was taken by the shape of ‘Ebb and Flow’ and the way it made me breathe it. I like the idea of making a day last longer, and the end of the day “bearing nuances / of untrammeled virtues, in tones / of splendidly tinged life lessons”. This resonates with me, as does the final phrase, “the waltz of each hour.”

‘Krakow Nights’ is a poem that stirred my senses, with the windows fogged over with steam and the “in smells of anise, cinnamon, and cumin”. I love the personal touches of the boys home from school “lugging bags that deform their small bodies” and the way “the excitement in their voices / bounces off whitewashed kitchen walls”. It reminds me of why I love the autumn too.
— Kim M. Russell,

Selma; a poet extraordinaire who has such a tender heart that it’s love for nature spills out in her poetry with every poem she writes. Her kindness shines through her soft words and tender phrases when she addresses her fellow human beings. A poetry book that will restore your faith in human kindness and love.
— Sadje, Keep it alive

More Publishing News

I am sure you will agree, given the above rave reviews, that Selma’s book launch is off to the best possible start! Selma and I are both very excited for launch day…

And in other news, I received an email from The British Library the other day, requesting legal deposit copies of Archery In The UK for the following libraries:

  • National Library of Scotland
  • National Library of Wales
  • The Library of Trinity College Dublin
  • The Bodleian Library Oxford University
  • Cambridge University Library

The purpose of this deposit? To quote from the British Library:

Legal Deposit helps ensure that a nation’s published output is collected and preserved for the future. As a publisher, this means that your content will be securely preserved while also being made accessible in the reading rooms of the Legal Deposit Libraries. Inclusion in library catalogues, online discovery services and the British National Bibliography will help promote these publications, highlighting them to a worldwide audience, including the book trade. Preserving publications representing all authors, communities and interest groups is a key aim of Legal Deposit. Sending us your publications will help enable future research into all aspects of our culture and society.

To say it was an honour to receive such a request would be an understatement. Congratulations to my co-author, Nick Reeves. Our little book is wending its way to the four corners of the UK, and beyond…

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  1. Your good news is stellar. I love it… Yes, this is what should happen with such a lovely book. You know I was/am head over heels with it. I love what that book represents to me. Congratulations for this wonderful gift to our future generation. Yay, Nick and Ingrid! *clapping*
    As for the first part–*touches heart* Thanks for all that amazing work. You make me look better than I am. I’m happy. Well done, dearest Ingrid. And thanks for posting these reviews. I’ll be posting Mich’s blog post that just blew my socks off. And Barbara’s too. Again, thanks for all you did for me. I bless you. xoxo

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