‘In The Shadow of Rainbows’ is published!

Congratulations to author, Selma Martin, on the publication of her debut poetry collection, In The Shadow of Rainbows, which is released today, and available from Amazon.com, Waterstones.com and Barnesandnoble.com. You may already have read some of the advance reviews, and so have an idea just how special this collection is. Here is the latest:

“Prepare to be transported into a realm where dreams, emotions, and the wonders of the natural world intertwine. Allow the words to wash over you, evoking a sense of wonder, a sprinkle of whimsy, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us all.”
β€” Sarah Gribble, International Bestselling Author of Surviving Death 

And here is a link to an interview with Selma by Cindy Georgakas, where you can learn more about the author.

Find your poem

In her introduction to the book, Selma encourages us to ‘find our poem’ within the collection. Though I have many favourites, the poem I have chosen to read in the video below has a special place in my heart:

I would encourage you to read the book, find your favourite, and, if you feel like it, share a video reading online, linking to this post or tagging Selma on Instagram @selmawrites: I know she would be delighted!

Already #1!

Over the past week’s pre-order period, Selma has hit the Number 1 New Release slot on Amazon for all three categories in which her book is listed:

This wonderful news for the 10th EIF title: the presses have been busy, and continue to be so! I hope you will enjoy reading Selma’s book as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to press. Another labour of love. It has been a pleasure to work with Selma. I look forward to announcing new publications from talented and remarkable authors in the near future. In the meantime, please join me in celebrating Selma’s remarkable achievement!


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    1. Music to my ears and a wonderful gift to the world because now I know the words that will speak to you will fly to far off lands with your found-poetry. We inspire each other. xoxo You are a blessing, Byngnigel. Thank you.

    1. It’s people like you who has put us here today, dear Layla. Thanks for all you continue to do for this community of word lovers. May I have it in me to continue to inspire and support in your footsteps. I bless you. xoxo

    1. Thanks so dearly, Grace of the Sun. I bless you and I’m already blessed by being in your company. May there be more Blessings and Miracles. xoxo

    1. Cheryl, you already know how I feel about you. Thanks for these lovely words. You deserve this as this success mirrors your contribution. I bless you. Congrats to you. xoxo

    1. Liz, a heart overflowing with gratitude. Ingrid read it so beautifully indeed. xoxo. Thanks for being here, dear Liz and for what your presence means to me. Stay sweet. xoxo

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