Selma is No.1!

Huge congratulations to author, Selma Martin, whose poetry debut, In The Shadow of Rainbows, is now No.1 New Release in Nature Poetry, and Poetry about Places:

If you see her at No.3 as well, that’s because the chart shows both paperback and Kindle versions! Selma worked hard to complete this delightful collection, and I’m sure she will be thrilled at its success. Here are some further review quotes to give you a taster of what to expect from the book:

“In the shadow of rainbows” by Selma is a poetry book that will restore your faith in human kindness and love” — Daphny, The Introvert Writer

“Her poems are filled with heartwarming emotions on so many levels.” — Kym G. Moore From Behind the Pen

“An outstanding book. The poetry in this collection is exquisite!” — Carole Anne, Therapy Bits

“Selma draws the reader into the shadows through her sense of wonder. She delves into the natural world creating vivid images and leaves one contemplating life.” — Heather, sgeoil

Thank you to everyone who has provided an advanced review. You can also read interviews with Selma by Nolcha Fox at MasticadoresUSA, and by Cindy Georgakas at Uniquely Fit, if you wish to learn more about the creator of this bestselling title!

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  1. This is an honor that I didn’t accomplish alone. Collaborators, here’s to you 🥂 YOU made this happen— know that!! You are every bit deserving. I bow 🙇🏽‍♀️ deep to you…
    And Editor 🤗
    And Photographer 🤗
    And everyone who shared 💗

    🍪🥛 🍪 🥛

  2. Congratulations Sel, you deserve every bit of it. Shine bright my friend, this is your moment. Sending you lots of love. Xoxo

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