Interview on Imposter Syndrome with Bold Journey

I gave an interview recently to Bold Journey, in which I discuss Imposter Syndrome, and how I deal with it in my life and work. If you are interested to learn more, you can find the article here:

I think it is common for people working in the creative industry to suffer from Imposter Syndrome, especially as we live in a society which tends to value scientific and technological advancements over artistic endeavour. I’m reading The Hidden Wordsworth by Kenneth R. Johnston at the moment, and it strikes me that we don’t remember many of the other historical characters mentioned in the book, though they were highly regarded in their time. We remember the poets and the artists, because they hold up a mirror which reflects our humanity. This is what I’m trying to achieve in my work, both with EIF, and in my own writing. And still I hear the voice in my head saying, “get over yourself!” to the point which I almost didn’t publish the interview. This, I believe, is classic Imposter Syndrome (which, incidentally, can also be spelled ‘Impostor Syndrome’ – apparently the term itself may suffer from its own definition πŸ˜‰ )

I am busy preparing All Grown Up Now by Kim M. Russell for publication at the moment. Look out for further updates this weekend…


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  1. I am acquainted well with both the feeling and the problems with the term! πŸ™‚ Congratulations on the interview AND on all your accomplishments, Ingrid!

  2. After seeing the success you’ve achieved with EIF, I was very surprised to read your discussion of Imposter Syndrome. From where I sit, you have nothing to fear in that regard!

  3. Ingrid, I have always loved your writing and your photography. The way you live your life and overcome adversity have my utmost respect. Your success at EIP empowers your authors as well as yourself. It is not due to luck, but to talent and hard work. <3 I enjoyed the interview. Congratulations!

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