The Uncaged Heart

Rattling the rugged ribs of prison-bonedefibrillated rhythm: free at lastthe uncaged heart begins to beat again Outside of time, and care, and conventionslow, steady at the outset, growing fastrattling the rugged ribs of prison-bone It skips, in love, entranced yet never chainedwith unhealthy demands, as in the pastthe uncaged heart begins to beat again Its... Continue Reading →

Wall of Wounds I Healed!

I was delighted to receive these contributor photos via Twitter/Instagram. The above collage features the following contributors (clockwise, from L-R): Me; Cindy Georgakas; Jude Gorini; C.Jean Downer; IA McCleery; Gabriela Marie Milton; Virginia Mateias; Enola Ton; Ali Olsen; Michele Lee Sefton; Lisa Walker; Nick Reeves; Tracy Shawn; Swarn Gill. It is wonderful to see people... Continue Reading →

Birdsong #poetry

Every day, I waken to birdsong:sometimes the lark and thrush, sweet twitteringor the sparrow and the chaffinch, cheerful chatteringor the rook, cawing in raucous symphony:signature calls, all poetry to me Your touch draws out a different kind of birdsonglow moaning, from a hollow deep in metransformed through love into a holy plainsongwhere never sin, nor... Continue Reading →

Of Promise.

"Not favoured spots alone, but the whole earth,The beauty wore of promise" - William Wordsworth It isn’t a hard roadgracefully, it curves upwardaway from all the would-be caresof this tired new worldback to the old, forgotten things:tree and mountain flower and streamopen common ground.True, there are pitfalls:abandoned mine shaftsbut these have been cairned, carefully by those who... Continue Reading →

I. Wilson #poetry

I took his namewore it a whiletill it no longer suited me:which time I tried on a new grace and stylearrayed with poise,and quiet dignity knowing that those who see my lightwould not seek to diminish me I will my song be heard by those attunedto hear the music in this well-healed wound © 2022 All... Continue Reading →

White Heaven #poetry

Underneath the skies of this white heavenmarionettes dancedip and bowcrawlmount a lampostscare the children Seagulls on sticks stalkjellyfish catcherscatch them unawaresthe children’s facesglittering, are painted At the bar, a hen-night princessappears as a mirageor haze of nylon taffetaand disappears into a fruited ciderwhere would-be princesses admire hercaptures her knight-errant, entombs him in a castle tower... Continue Reading →

Sign up now for September Poetry Course!

Don't know your anapaests from your iambs? Vexed by hexameter? Ever wanted to write the perfect sonnet? If you answered 'yes,' to any of the above, then you may be interested in a new poetry course I'll be launching in September. Read on to find out more... The Elements of English Poetry In this course,... Continue Reading →

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