Trafalgar Square Triptych

It’s summertime in Trafalgar Square;we’ve stopped to feed the pigeons there:It must be early on in the World Cupbecause my young son sports an England topstill holding out a hope(We went out in the first round that year.) Still it’s summertime 20 years earlierTrafalgar Square is there, as everI’m sporting an injury - black eye... Continue Reading →

Abide with me – #dVerse Quadrille

Most heartbreaking lines of a song ever written? Tis you, tis you must go/and I must bideLament of the bereaved: We long to cross over,Instead we cry: Help of the helpless, oh, abidewith me-bideth these 3Faith, hope, and never-ending Love. Written for dVerse Quadrille, hosted by Lisa tonight, who asks us to write a 44-word... Continue Reading →

30 Years On #poetry #bereavement

30 years since you walked out that doorinto another world, unknown to meand did you know, that fateful night the wounds you would be opening?Unhealed for 30 years and moreno doubtunending till eternity should close my eyesas they closed yoursand I can never know the details: where did you go in?I hope that it was high upthat your neck... Continue Reading →

EIF Poetry Challenge #4: The Results

This fortnight's challenge, to write an Elegy, produced some truly moving and heart-wrenching responses, as you might expect given the nature of the Elegy itself. My thanks and congratulations to those who entered; I was moved by your words and impressed by how powerfully you used your response to grief to create art which I... Continue Reading →

Parallel Lines

This is a short fiction about grief and loss that I wrote after losing my sister. The details in the story are fictional, but the depiction of bereavement and my reaction to it are real. I caught the train by seconds that morning. My sister was already on board. I missed the train by seconds... Continue Reading →

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