The Messenger – for Alison

The oldest messenger in the universe,
yet ageless:
through you we are able to travel back in time
and ‘see into the life of things.’
My son asked me if it would ever be possible to build a time machine,
I told him ‘we already have one.’
I also told him not to be afraid to die, one day,
because we are all made of light:
light which can’t be pinned down to one space and time
light which is infinite
light, prismatic
light, kaleidoscopic
light, containing every colour imaginable
light we barely understand, in all its photon brilliance:
the universal messenger
bearer of good tidings, seer of all things
banisher of fears.

Β© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Remembering my sister

Today would have been her 50th birthday. She died five years ago from complications following a stem-cell transplant. Always in my heart and thoughts but rarely in my writing, because I’m still trying to process my grief.

The short story ‘Parallel Lines‘ was also inspired by her.

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      1. I was thinking you have a nice answer for it.

        πŸ€” Ummm….To define the light, we have to allow ourselves to shine. Having a strong urge to shine, can tell you the existence and impact of light.

        Sunlight inspires me a lot, especially in the early morning and the evening.

  1. I can’t even imagine, Ingrid, but a beautiful way to think about it. Sending you hugs from across the sea. πŸ’™
    Does your son remember her?

  2. Light is what I feel… light shines on me … her light is my light…. Your poem is a glorious reflection of the universal glow that surrounds us …brilliantly done ingrid … 🌟

  3. The possibilities are endless, aren’t they-to ripple time and space carry with us the beautiful, and reflect more than we ever imagined. You’ve done this, closing the gap in time and in a way being with your sister again. The time machine, just as you described.

      1. I’ve written to my daughter many times. I don’t know that I tried my best – but sometimes, it was enough just to try ~

      2. all of us have loss, don’t you think? In a way, I suspect it’s how there’s tomorrow.

      3. Most definitely. Some of us have more of it than others, but if we live long enough we will all experience it.

      4. mostly I write to Caleigh in November, but she visits from time to time. I wager that Alison does the same.

  4. Beautifully expressed, Ingrid! <3 I like your conversation with your son about immortality, imagery that will remain to inspire and comfort his him as he faces losses throughout his life. I am glad he can remember his aunt. <3

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