Sigh, sough, bend low…

Sigh, sough, bend low,sing a song of sorrow:I hold your branchand feel the wrenchof what may come tomorrow. Reach high, shield eyejoin hands above me:your branches barein bud this yearand ever after? Maybe. I yearn, will learnto spring forth like brackenunderfoot,like peat, like sootI pray to green, not blacken. © 2023 All Rights Reserved. Written... Continue Reading →

Reborn Again

All across the land echoes a brand new mornI am reborn in you, I am rebornA frosted hand in glove, though weather-wornthaws, graven with signs of how I’ve grown I am reborn in you, I am rebornthe lake lies golden under winter’s crownthen thaws, graven with signs of how I’ve growna mirrored ice-rink glass I... Continue Reading →

The Cairns Which Mark Our Path

You left in October walked into the valleyof the shadow of deathand every Autumn sinceI skirt the combe’s edge. The dying light speaks to me:what did you wish to say?Always seeking refuge from nightmare's haemorrhageinto the light of day. Nature’s a healer:kind if you let herthistle-down whispererbracken-fern copperer. Streams sing remembrancesbrook, ghyll, and waterfallsunset condolences:silence falls over... Continue Reading →

Hartsop – poetry for earthweal

Hartsopwhere lovers' hearts hopheading down the valley at the close of day Ghyllside or hillsideover the fell-tophappily, wearily, wending their way. Heart’s leapat golden light's last lapover the autumn sky, dying away. Hearts stoptrue enough, all hearts stop:what better place than Hartsop at the close of day? © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Sharing with earthweal's... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point

I don't go into the woods todaywhere I once passed so many happy hours;don't deign to skip through forest gladespausing to whisper love to trees and flowers. I don’t walk under the avenueof sturdy sycamores behind my homeinstead I listen nervously as in the constant gales, they creak and groan The trees still standing have reached... Continue Reading →


I know the nameof every mountain in these landslay my hands on granite rockand sphagnum moss spongy lungs of this rich peaty earthterrain I cross To walk the wind along the watershedof Derwent and Eden, lean into skies, buffeted like a treestill standing, through a curtain of ice rainalmost to heaven’s edgeand back again I hug the... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Margin

Shades of the prison houseexist within the shadowslurk at the peripheriesof winter’s margin. Our birth is but a sleepand a forgetting - what?The light, from which we camestill burns within. Cold bites, the penniless poetsstrike a matchburn incense, cup wax candles in star-jarsdraw closer in. Your hands recall the sculptor's artof Michelangeloand I know all... Continue Reading →

If You Kill The Bird…

"You're just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird." - Tori Amos If you kill the birdyou’ll rise up every morning drone-like, yawning heart un-singing If you kill the birdyou’ll spend your whole life mourningyearning, wishing:unfulfilling  If you kill the birdyou’re dead girl, walkingempty streets through hardrain falling: You’re just an empty cage girlvoid of... Continue Reading →

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