Leave a light footprint #poetry #Earthweal

Leave a light footprint:tread softly on your waygo with grace and dignity and always with a light stepwith a light heart without a thoughtof wasteor wantor wishing more than plenty;seeking only harmonytake nothing more than what you give. Leave a light footprint: one dayyour children will follow in the steps you leave behind leave them a clear path and a safe route to... Continue Reading →

You and me, Sea #poetry #Earthweal

Ain’t it just like you and me, Seawhen we dance together,I barefoot on the sand, you lapping at my toes? Ain’t it just like we’re two parts ofthe same whole:I was born of you, and youbring me to life once more? Ain’t it just like you and me, Sea?And we’ve always been togetherdancing a saline tango... Continue Reading →

Strunjan #poetry #Earthweal

The salt pans of Sečovlje sleep while sailing boats shelter in place along the harbourthe sun also risesI stretch out my hand and touch Croatiathe narrow peninsular’s dotted and furred with cypress and Mediterranean pinethe sculpture park we visited the first time I came here where all the dreams of a great empire sleep like lions... Continue Reading →

Love Song of the Whale #poetry #Earthweal

With sorrowful sonar I’m sending outmy message of love for youmy ocean home.I’m echo-locating your hidden unknown depthsand I’m miracle-mapping your width and your height and your fullnessexceptthe abundance of love that I feelis crowded by an abundance of waste:Human leavings carelessly clogging this vast ocean-landas slowly, almost imperceptibly, my watery home warmskilling off corals... Continue Reading →

Apoc-eclipsed: #poetry #Earthweal

Let’s hope that 2020 won’t becomeApoc-eclipsedwhen catastrophic climate change takes hold:We’ve placed our lives on hold, still, not enoughto save us from our epidemic greed.Let’s pause, take heed, consider how we might avoidthe worst of this. It lies in understanding that the way we live our livesneeds shaking up:We hide under our duvets watching Netflix,... Continue Reading →

Razor-edge #poetry #Earthweal

There’s a razor-edge scrapingthe broad blue blood-light of the skyabout to burst into all the bright colours of daybut I can’t see itnot today:I'm stuck in the shadow-side of the mountain'Mount What-might-have-been' wonderingif I made the right cutwould that let the light flood inand fill me with forgetfulness of everything that once has been andnever will again?But... Continue Reading →

Conjunction #poetry #Earthweal

I’m no believer in astrologybut tonightsomething profoundwill occur in the sky:Two points of light will coalescefrom our perspective(dim though it is)last spiedin Galileo's time.In cosmic terms, this time is nothingbut for us, it means much:Transition out of superstitioninto a willing suspension of beliefin anything other than those cold cogsgravely grinding like our noses to the... Continue Reading →

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