Anthropocene Seeding #poetry #dVerse

It was ruined when you left.You had a giftfor transplanting small whispers of naturewhich burst into song beneath the thumbof your green magic. Fuschia, wild rose and climbing ivyplantedthe last torn backwhen it threatened touproot the house. Now once again it growsdefiantlyclimbing and covering the gable end:can a seed, once plantedever be destroyed? Like seeds... Continue Reading →

Peace #poetry #earthweal

It had been a day of strife:wife against husbandhusband against wifethen as if out of nowhere peace descended but it wasn’t out of nowhere for the wife had said a prayerand the rising wind seemed to whisper'You are not alone(for I am)hopeis everywhere.'  © 2021 All Rights Reserved. A reminder never to give up hope! I've a lot... Continue Reading →

Dancing at Lughnasadh #poetry #earthweal

In February (my birth month) I sowed a seedinto the coming springwatched it grow in darkness, in my painfed it with love andwatered with the light of my beliefhard labour brought forth the rising loafin isolationI reached out found inspirationalways with the end in sightalways out of darkness, towards lighteven when all hope seemed lostcontinuing... Continue Reading →

The Rock #poetry #earthweal

Will it be fireor floodor landslide? What is coming for us next?It doesn't look like fire here,the earth is lush and greenand as for rain, we get our fair sharebut there's no big river too nearthe sea levels can risebut we live high:I think it will be landslide. How selfish to even think that way'How... Continue Reading →

Paradising #poetry #earthweal

We went down to the beach this morning and you invented a new verb, ‘paradising’and that’s truly what we were doingfloating on our backs in the temperate blue watersblue down to bluer green:paradising. And I won’t ruin the momentbut later on I thought about the tourists swimming behind the boomdrifting amongst the flotsam used tampons and disposable... Continue Reading →

In Osp #poetry #earthweal

The village almost abuts the cliff-facekarst limestone carved out by the river:millennial winds have swept over its contourswhich centuries of rain have washed with tears. There’s a way into the cave, but it’s not for hikersonly climbers can access this eyrieapproaching the cliff face seean abandoned building:here nature has reclaimed the land and I blunder... Continue Reading →

Sunflowers #poetry #poem

With your lion's-mane fringeof boldest yellow, youlook down on meor look up to the sky. When I was a childI used to measure my height by youtall in the summer sun always taller than Iyet I knew, if I plucked a handfulof your zebra-stripped seedsand planted them I'd grow a plant which I could tower... Continue Reading →

Deep pockets of evil #poetry #earthweal

There are deep pockets of evil in this worlddeeper than graves dug to burythe bodies of indigenous childrenassimilated into an early death.  Deep pockets of evil, deeper than the hatred which drives a genocide or than our shallow willingness to look the other way. Deeper than the roots of trees that fall, or than the cuts that... Continue Reading →

The Dream #poetry #earthweal

I dreamt the Theatre was deadand I revived it single-handedly.So how did I revive the Theatre?What did that mean, exactly? I sprinkled the air with fairy dustnothing more than usual, justmotes which dance in shafts of light - thought that would do just right. Then there was the varnish smellfrom the wooden boards long-troddenlonger abandoned,... Continue Reading →

In which I do not try…#poetry #earthweal

I ask myself ‘is there ever a dayin which I do not try?’Death and destruction famine and disease write the headlinessell the stories. The earth is reacting to all of our excessone day may cleanse itself of all of usit’s hard to deny, it’s all a messand yet is this a reason not to try lovinghopewritingpoetrylivingmomentarily learning to be... Continue Reading →

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