Claife Station #poetry #Earthweal

On Windermere’s far shoreclose to where the Cryer calls at nightyou’ll find a placeinvested with the spirit of a half-remembered history.The walls are crumbling now, andlittle of the roof remains;gone are the stained-glass windowsthrough which visitors would wanderenchanted as the characters of Edgar Allan Poebefore they were concieved:Red into yellow, purple, green and blue;a colour for... Continue Reading →

Ariadne’s Song – A Ballad

O Theseus! Let out your clue of threadthat it may lead you all undauntedly;for though it is the loathsome lairof my brother the Minotaurthis Labyrinth is also home to me. The seven youths and maidens who were broughtas tribute to these shores do not deserveto die an ignominious death,limbs rent asunder; bodies wroughtas fodder for... Continue Reading →

Minotaur #poetry #Earthweal

Blood-drinkerhalf-humanoffspring of Earth-shaker:Mask-wearerflesh-tearer;anamnesis ofthe beastin every one Of us / Outsiderwithin usdown underthe surface:reptilian, heartlessinstinct ofbloodlustrun amok through the labyrinthdweller-dark lurker-marauder of murderous thoughtand intent: In deed just a dancer till Earthshakerwakes her: Ariadne, your sister who taught youthe dance willbetray youher brotherfor sake ofher loverforsaking her bloodline andfamily ties: Yet with the Earthshaker we see you arisepour scorn onyour people whomade... Continue Reading →

Remnants – #poetry #Earthweal

Remnants I imaginewalking here, dimly-litrevenant:The cave bearcame to rest heremany moons ago;millennia, in fact during the ‘Last Glacial Maximum’which we once-upon-a-timefar too poetically called‘The Ice Age.’ Fragments of the cave-bear jawfound lying on the cave-floorwhich might have been fashioned into a flutealthoughpossibly not:I hear that strange and subtle musicof the kindthat carries through the centuries,millennia even;from the last... Continue Reading →

Slow sleepwalk into Armageddon – #Poetry #Earthweal

It was a sweet walk where we once held handsand danced;a waltz around the wilting wheatfieldsimagining that we still had a chance:Slow sleepwalk into Armageddon  like dying flames of a once-wild romance. Slow sleepwalk into Armageddon likea fevered dreamdelirious and staggeringand tossed like whirling twigs within a streamof consciousness, unconscious of the brink to which we’d... Continue Reading →

Earth-Mother: #poetry #Earthweal

Snake-charmer Goddess-voluptuous Viper-venomous Whisperer-livewire Lover Original-Authorimmaculate-SinnerSorceress-TemptressSeductress andMentor Thundebolt-wielderbounteous-MotherEarth-spitting venom now breakingasunder You shouldn’t have crossed herYou shouldn’t have crossed herNow cross your own heartAnd admit that its over: Cross your heartHope to diePainlessly Written for Earthweal Weekly Challenge: Mentors for a Changed World. Brendan has set us the following challenge: 'Our times are dark indeed. For this week’s challenge, let’s... Continue Reading →

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