Reborn Again

All across the land echoes a brand new mornI am reborn in you, I am rebornA frosted hand in glove, though weather-wornthaws, graven with signs of how I’ve grown I am reborn in you, I am rebornthe lake lies golden under winter’s crownthen thaws, graven with signs of how I’ve growna mirrored ice-rink glass I... Continue Reading →

Hartsop – poetry for earthweal

Hartsopwhere lovers' hearts hopheading down the valley at the close of day Ghyllside or hillsideover the fell-tophappily, wearily, wending their way. Heart’s leapat golden light's last lapover the autumn sky, dying away. Hearts stoptrue enough, all hearts stop:what better place than Hartsop at the close of day? © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Sharing with earthweal's... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point

I don't go into the woods todaywhere I once passed so many happy hours;don't deign to skip through forest gladespausing to whisper love to trees and flowers. I don’t walk under the avenueof sturdy sycamores behind my homeinstead I listen nervously as in the constant gales, they creak and groan The trees still standing have reached... Continue Reading →


Bewitched pigsflaming leavesbent, twisted twigs,a wind which weaves,mourns, moans of melodyhaunts with its poetryhand-in-hand you-and-mewalking a gold-coin trimmed alleythrough the cold veil of autumn. All this heat and symmetry remembered, how thebreath peals, wreathed in mistencircling thissacred geometry. Today is heavy:Rain falls and you aren't hereI call up the crystal screenstare hard into andthrough the ubiquitous... Continue Reading →

Hie Me to a Hollow

The news is grim:Austerity bitesfuel poverty enriches black gold cofferswe need to use less, use lessuseless to try and stop them.Will their fortunes restore all that we have lost?They wouldn’t care to:Let’s extract and extract and all the while distract the masses with trivia(forgetting we're all freezing here)create paradise in a bubbleretreat into it.When the... Continue Reading →


Undercurrents of a weeping worldswirl above black watersbeneath the trees, I whisper pleasI love you Eddying down to who-knows-wherethe eye of a storm’s dead certaintywith death, the singularity that takes you Flowers float the River StyxThe Ferryman emerges froma three-decades-long mist, insistsI’ve missed you I light a candle in a cellleave blooms before the river’s swellthe... Continue Reading →

Promethean Heat #poetry #earthweal

‘ Put out the light...But once put out thy lightI know not where is that Promethean heat That can thy light relume’ (Shakespeare, Othello, 5.2.7-13) Lightning blinds usthen shows usthe world in negative:the whites of our eyes darkened andthe black, alight with ire A lightning flashcan down a treeor be the blue touch-paperto tinder-box dry earthkindling... Continue Reading →

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