Draining the Swamp #poetry #earthweal

At the turn of the last centurythe salt pans surrounding the island of Koperwere drained. This allowed for the expansion of the citythe expansion of industry and, more recentlymany new shopping malls. Koper has a historic Venetian old town centresome pleasant parksand many ugly cathedrals of commercialism around the outskirts. From some unnamed industrial source,... Continue Reading →

Algal blooms of doom #poetry #earthweal

Orange plumes of algae bloomupon a sickened seanow will you look the other wayor have you eyes to see? It never was a healthy huein any ecosystem to those who say they had no clue I’d say ‘Perhaps you missed them:’ the beaches washed with jellyfish unthreatened by predationbut washed up in a blinding tideof mad misinformation.  The... Continue Reading →

We are not Alpha nor Omega neither #poetry

We are not alpha nor omega neither, rathersomewhere on that universal spectrum we can barely understand: we’ve done our maths, and claim to know the ratio of all things except the things we don’t, which we call ‘dark’(we used to call them ‘God’)but now  we’ve made gods of ourselves, reasonable creatures, and the measureof all rational achievement,... Continue Reading →

In deep poetic heaven #poetry #Earthweal

If you’re looking for meI might just bein deep poetic heaventhrough mirror-halled mazesof metaphorsguided by vulture or ravenI’m wandering, wondering sharing your hope and your paindiving the deep seas where trawlershave emptied the oceanseeking out hydrothermal ventswhere life may begin againand I’m screaming ‘stop!’and I hope we’ll wake up from this madnessdeep in poetic heavenit’s hard... Continue Reading →

A dolphin in real life #poetry #Earthweal

We took our son on his new biketo the old town. Right along the harbour we wentand while we were all looking the other wayhe turned to say ‘I just saw a dolphin in real life!’ Immediately excited, I turnedto look into those broad blue waters, which were starting to phosphoresce with evening light:I wanted to... Continue Reading →

The airy way #poetry #Earthweal

“How do you know but ev’ry Bird that cuts the airy way,Is an immense world of delight, clos’d by your senses five?”- William Blake, from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1793. We have forgotten we are part of naturean integral partwe think that we can bend the very seasons to our willwe think that... Continue Reading →

Web of deceit #haibun #Earthweal

I was almost too upset to write yesterday. I'd just watched the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, and I was horrified by the fact we are all being told to look the other way while the fishing industry plunders our seas with impunity. Mass fishing robs traditional fishermen of their livelihoods, creates more plastic pollution than... Continue Reading →

Greta-level angry #poetry #Earthweal

I’m Greta-level angryat the greed and liesglobal conspiraciespoisoning our future. At the casual disregardfor human livesand the race to destroyall the other species. At the PR greenwashedmulti-billion dollar industries,the devastation factoriesdriving desolation. At the way we’re toldto look the other wayfight the good fightwhile they plunder our ocean. At the way we’ve allbeen sold a... Continue Reading →

The Last Stand #poetry #Earthweal

There’s virgin forest in Slovenia:Kočevje, Lopatain the formerbrown bears still treadwithout fear. It’s a green and pleasant landprotected, reveredclothed in ancient forestand elsewhere new growth aboundson former farmland. In England, where I come froma once sylvan paradisehas been given overto commerce, housing,agriculture:  here is everything a human needsexcept the very airshe needs to breathe.When I... Continue Reading →

The freeze-thaw weathering of my heart #poetry

The freeze-thaw weathering of my hearthas been brutal.Sometimes the freeze would last for months, or even yearsat a time, but thenthe thaw would comemelting into forgiveness then just as suddenly would come the freeze againso that large organ, expansive enough to contain whole dimensions would contract downinto the dense heart of a neutron starshooting out pulsating beams... Continue Reading →

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