The Peacock and the Admiral #poetry #earthweal

The Peacock to the Admiral said
(as on the thistle blooms they fed)
‘What think’st thou of this human-kind 
do they have soul, or sense, or mind?’

One lighted on a human hand 
as if to say, ‘I understand: 
you have such power over me
yet do not wield it lovingly.’

And sure enough Man casts his net:
and pins her in his cabinet
no more the vaulted skies to bless
with undiluted happiness.

Man thinks himself omnipotent 
though earthly treasures are but lent
till Nature in her kind returns
Man’s labour, lands and bridges burns.

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Written for earthweal

We have had unprecedented heat followed by heavy rain in the North of England, so it was a relief to see some corner of the natural world still thriving on my walk today…

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  1. Your photos are lovely. Also loved the poem in the style of a more serious Edward Lear. Yes man’s nature is unfortunate and nature will revenge herself on us. Enjoyed this

  2. This poem is beautifully done. The rhyme, rhythm and metre are spot-on, and the message resonates. Glad you saw some butterflies. Hope the heat abates.

  3. Seeing butterflies is a great spirit-lifter, but man is so sadly predictable. Wonderfully expressed Ingrid.

  4. A beautiful flow of words, and a powerful statement everyone should heed. Wonderful poetry, Ingrid!

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