Only Everything #poetry #earthweal

Do you not see the beauty of the trees,
how they arch over you, their branches raised, as if in hymns of praise
their secret voices carried on the breeze
in the rustle of chlorophyllic leaves?
Only everywhere.

Could you not stretch out beneath them,
look up through their limbs into the light
or shelter from a rainstorm underneath
their canopy of infinite delight?
Only everyday.

Do you not realise the gifts they bring to us
in their silent way, not boastful and not proud
but standing, tall still, even bowed, bent over by the wind
however: once torn down by fire and storm
we lose all that they give us:
Only everything.

Written for earthweal

For this week’s challenge, ‘Beginnings,’ Brendan invites us to ‘write of Beginnings — wherever they may be found.‘ I had a recurring dream in childhood of a home inside a hollow tree, which was alive and so much like a womb to me.

The photo shows a sycamore tree which stands at the edge of the stone circle we call Long Meg and Her Daughters. I take delight in the rich old woodlands which thrive in this part of the world. I fear we will lose them to a rapidly changing climate.

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      1. for sure, a neighbour pulled two out so I lodged a formal complaint demanding that they be replaced … she didn’t like palms!

  1. Walking with ears tuned to the colloquy of trees is the Eden I can savor every day — such a lush choir … As a child I loved the book “My Side of the Mountain,” about a boy who leaves home to live inside the hollow of a great tree in the woods and thrive there. Deep ancient memories there, deeply troubled by these days of storm & fire threatening “everywhere,” “everyday,” “everything.”

    1. Thank you Brendan – like you said, we are living in Eden now, and how will be look back on this time in 50, maybe even 20 years?

  2. That is a wonderful tree being, and I love the huge stones too. Your poem is so beautiful. I love the closing line of each stanza, each building to the third and final one. Excellently penned!

  3. A beautiful tribute to trees–they are indeed gifts to us. I think we’re only beginning to understand.
    Long Meg and daughters–how wonderful! So ancient. Isn’t it strange how rocks can seem to have personalities?

  4. Trees are wonderful. I completely agree with your poem. Today I took I walk in the bush. The magical atmosphere among the trees was so peaceful and powerful.

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