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Embrace:if ever there was a wordencompassing just about everything you needto get by in life,surely it were this:embrace life with both armsnot only to succeed, but thrive:feel yourself embraced by lovethenseal it with a kiss. © Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved Written for dVerse Merril is hosting dVerse Quadrille, and has asked us to write... Continue Reading →

City of Departed Dreams

Forget Paris, forget Venice, forget Rome... For me, the most romantic city in the world is Liverpool. Dreams of long-departed emigrants hang in the dockside air; ever expectant; awaiting transportation to the New World. I can almost hear their chatter on the docks. Maybe it's from the many visits to the Maritime Museum as a... Continue Reading →

We Dance like Bees Dance: a Poem about Love

I'm re-reading John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River at the moment. I love the way he uses the do-si-do as an extended metaphor to describe the courtship dance between key characters. It made me think about the bees courtship dance, or 'waggle dance' which inspired the following poem. As ever, your comments, queries and... Continue Reading →

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