The Bay has taken on the shape of summer;
high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves:
glittering prize bequeathed to us in winter
when ice-cold breaths warmed into brighter days

I’m falling ever deeper like the surf-swell
plummets towards the depths of this salt sea
sand underfoot I stand, glowing and grateful:
golden, the love your heart has gifted me

My mind’s expansive, spinning like a dancer
pirouetting, setting sorrows free
past pains inscribed upon a dusty ledger
erased by love’s all-healing potency

You are my east, my sunrise and my rest
I take with you, couched in my bowered west

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

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It’s the last Open Link Night before the summer break, and I’m hosting. Join us at the bar from 3pm ET and share a poem of your choice! I will also be taking a break from dVerse over the summer, as I work on my forthcoming publishing ventures: debut poetry collections from Jeff Flesch and Barbara Harris Leonhard. Watch this space for further announcements. And remember, the Amazon #1 Bestselling Poetry anthology Wounds I Healed is available now:

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46 thoughts on “Glittering.

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    1. Beautiful. I especially love these:

      “high-cloud clears to sparkle-tip the waves”

      “erased by love’s all-healing potency”

  1. This is so uplifting and beautiful Ingrid. The feeling of summer and love pours forth. Thank you for this wonderful respite in what has been a most challenging Spring.

  2. Loving the rhyme scheme here. And I will go to my grave swearing that “winter” rhymes with “summer” in that first verse.

  3. A beautiful poem, Ingrid. The ocean has a way of working its magic taking our troubles and washing them out with the tide. I can tell you are glad to be back home again!

  4. Oh, I love that bay, and I love this poem, Ingrid. It reminds me of the last time I was at the sea, and stayed on the bay. Was so lovely. Ah, thank you for the mention! I’m so excited! 😁

  5. A gorgeous and very original and skillful sonnet, Ingrid, especially in the slant rhyme. Both place and heart are painted beautifully. Hope your summer is fruitful and rewarding as reading this was for me.

  6. And also thank you so much for all the hardwork you put in the book.🙏🏼
    Right now I could get only the kindle version , I am waiting to get my hands on the book.
    All the best for your future publications. ❤️

    1. If you would like me to mail you a paperback copy, drop me an email. I don’t know how long it would take to reach you, but it would get there eventually! ❤️

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