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The mood in the UK today is sombre, to say the least, with bells tolling out across the country, announcing the death of our longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

In times of sadness, I find much solace in poetry and music, so it’s good to have a poem about music-making up at Masticadores today:


I sing my heart out to you:
not muted nor flamboyant 
still, where your words or kisses stop it
steady, as the pattern of our love…

Please continue reading at MasticadoresUSA. Thank you to editor Gabriela for her continued support!


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  1. Lovely poem. While not in the UK, I’m feeling sad today, too. When I think Britain, the Queen has always been what I think of. It’s the end of an era.

    1. Indeed! I’m not a big Royalist or anything, but it almost feels as though she was the glue holding the country together through so many changes…

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