Cassettes Live @ Three Tanners Bank

Marking their post-pandemic return to the live music scene, Cassettes performed a 25-minute live acoustic set at this intimate North Tyneside venue on Sunday night. I had the privilege of attending and witnessing a seasoned, soulful performance from frontman and founder Nick Reeves... Looking effortlessly cool in lime-green turtleneck, braces and Converse boots, Nick takes... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan! #music

Bob Dylan turns 80 today, and I couldn't let that go by without a nod to his musical and lyrical genius. My apologies for the rusty guitar playing: I never was great at singing and playing at the same time, and now I am 20 years out of practice. Like so many of Bob Dylan's... Continue Reading →

All the colours of Chopin #poetry #dVerse

I'm not a synesthetebut when I listenI can hear the coloursthey are all the colours of the heartand maybe morelighting up the parts of me I didn't know existedas I watch the fingers danceI see the colours: red for firepurple-pink for softer tonesindigo for sadnessgold for the pianist's virtuoso touchand most of all what speaks... Continue Reading →

God IS a D.J. #poetry #dVerse

‘God is a DJ’ is a songI used to findsomewhat ridiculous:As if God would want us alldry humpingto the thumping beats inside some grimy club, and no doubt highon one or other drug. Later on, however, I realised that this songmight have another meaning:If God is a DJ, then it follows thatmusic must be divine.At times,... Continue Reading →

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