God IS a D.J. #poetry #dVerse

God is a DJ’ is a song
I used to find
somewhat ridiculous:
As if God would want us all
dry humping
to the thumping beats inside 
some grimy club, and no doubt high
on one or other drug.

Later on, however, I realised that this song
might have another meaning:
If God is a DJ, then it follows that
music must be divine.
At times, God IS a DJ, God is
Hey Jude
coming over the airwaves
keeping you within the white lines
on the right side
of the road
and just in time.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

This is a slightly exaggerated retelling of a real experience: I wasn’t actually considering driving my car on the wrong side of the road (I would never want to hurt anyone else, even in my darkest hour); but I was feeling pretty desperate. And in my blackest moment this wonderful song started to play, reminding me to ‘take a sad song/and make it better.’ I’m posting this for dVerse Open Link Night. I’ll hand over to Lennon and McCartney now, for who could say it better:

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  1. “As if God would want us all
    dry humping
    to the thumping beats inside
    some grimy club, and no doubt high
    on one or other drug.”

    You mean, he doesn’t??? I’m shocked.

    Jokes aside, this is a beautiful and heartbreaking piece. In our darkest moments and times, music can help and even pull us back from the edge. Very visceral and emotional, Ingrid. I hope all is well with you.

    Much love. <3

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 why was I imagining God as a spoilsport?

      Thank you for your kind words: we all have bad days and difficult times, but with a little bit of magic we make it through ❤️

  2. Music, like poetry and all the arts are definitely the divine spark expressing itself. The last lines are really gripping and powerful.

  3. You say it simply but beautifully. I’m struck by how the most profound poetry is expressed with brevity and yet such scope as to embody the deepest truth, which I think you do here. Can you tell I loved this yet? 😀❤️❤️

  4. If only we can remember to “let it into [our] heart[s] / then [we] can start to make it better, better, better, better,…”

    Thank you Ingrid.

  5. Music and poetry speak to our souls. I don’t know anything about god, but what a story. It is an inspiring song, and I can see how hearing it or some other song at just the right time could influence or change someone’s mood or behavior. Thank you for reminder.

  6. For me, music has always been Divine! 🙂 But, wow….It saved your life literally! I remember at the end of a semester in college, after challenging final exams and many late nights that stretched into early mornings cramming….we put on “We’ve Gotta Get Our of This Place, if it’s the last thing we ever do….” Dylan? I remember all of us in the hallway, ouside our dorm rooms, just screaming/yelling/singing with the song! Music does that to you… 🙂

  7. Music heals so many ills, repairs so many broken hearts, soothes so many troubled spirits. Good write!

  8. Music got me through 13 weeks of boot camp in 1966, and it propelled me from LA to Seattle, and back a dozen times, and it got me through thousands of commutes for work–Beatles, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen.

  9. Love this! Music … along with the wings of poetry most certainly speak to the soul 🙂 it’s how we roll 💝

  10. You know, there are so many metaphors for G-d – king, shepherd, parent etc., and I’ve really not found any of them satisfying. I think G-d as the DJ is the first metaphor that really speaks to me. The musical energy present in all, setting the beat, the divine beauty of music…I really love this.

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