All the colours of Chopin #poetry #dVerse

I’m not a synesthete
but when I listen
I can hear the colours
they are
all the colours of the heart
and maybe more
lighting up the parts of me I didn’t know existed
as I watch the fingers dance
I see the colours: red for fire
purple-pink for softer tones
indigo for sadness
gold for the pianist’s virtuoso touch
and most of all what speaks to me
are all the infra-reds and ultraviolets
off the scale, beyond the spectrum
colours we can hear, but never see.

ยฉ Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse MTB: Synesthesia, where Grace gives us the following challenge:

Today we will incorporate music in our poem from the perspective of a synesthete.   Create your own Symphony.  Infuse your musical experience when listening to a band, artist or musical genre, with colors, sounds & textures.  Write a song filled with colors.

I was inspired by Rousseau’s YouTube channel, and this video in particular:

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  1. Despite my love of Joni Mitchell and heavy rock, I adore classical music and opera, and have a big soft spot for Chopin. Thank you for sharing one of my favourite pieces. I enjoyed all your colours of the heart.

  2. Yes Ingrid music awakens and dances with a depth of our soul that is almost magical. I love getting swept up in music. Itโ€™s enlivening and intoxicating. Great write here!

  3. Wow, that musical piece is divine. I can see all the colors you have described here. And maybe:

    beyond the spectrum
    colours we can hear, but never see.

    Thanks for joining in.

  4. Ingrid, a very lovely poem. I once had 6th grade students listen to classical music and draw what they heard. They came up with some very interesting images. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I liked your poem’s closing thought of “colors beyond the spectrum.”<3 All the best!

  5. Transcendent thoughts, Ingrid. ๐Ÿฅฐ Your poem reminded me a book I read many years ago ~ Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. A fascinating person and read. Daniel is an autistic savant who does see numbers and words in colors.

  6. Love this poem Ingrid reflecting colors of emotion in you world. I think i commented and liked on my phone but doesn’t look like it went through? Loved Chopin to go with. โค๏ธ Cindy

  7. Thank you for adding a little class to the prompt. I dug all the poems that chose ballads and blues as well, but your piece capped the challenge in a very dynamic way. I liked,” and most of all what speaks to me are all the infra-reds and ultraviolets off the scale.”

      1. it’s funny because there are certain composers… of course, I know the name but not really the music. Chopin is one of them, although I am finding that I appreciate music for piano more and more. I put it down to age!

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