This gift of flowers #haibun

The other day, we went for a walk with the kids in the evening. I pointed out the first daffodils to my youngest son. 'This means that spring is here,' I told him. 'Oh, mammy!' he said, 'I got some flowers for you!' In his pocket, a handful of squashed daisies. He'd picked them at... Continue Reading →

My childhood home #haibun #prose

I don't remember much about the first house that I lived in. I remember my mum and dad dancing to records after drinking too much wine. Perhaps they had an argument too, or else why would I remember the wine? But I don't remember the argument, I just remember them dancing to records. I remember... Continue Reading →

Fearless: short fiction #dVerse

My child woke from a nightmare the other night, or was it early morning? “What’s the matter, love?’ I asked. “I thought I heard a scratching,” he answered. “And what do you think you could have heard doing this scratching?” I continued. “Maybe a big rat” he answered, “or something else more scary…with sharp claws!”... Continue Reading →

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