Elysium – after Nirvana

I'm so happy because todayI learned that TrumpHad lost the raceHe’s so ugly, but that’s ok because he’s throughWe've cracked his nutsSunday morning will be a happy one for allThe human raceWe might just make it, a few more yearsWe’ve ditched that foolYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI was so angry but that’s ok... Continue Reading →

Oh Donny Boy/Democracy’s Lament

To the tune of Londonderry Air. Warning! Contains strong language and political themes: Oh Donny boy,The blatant lies you’re tellingStink to high heavenAnd right back down to hell: You claim it’s fraudIs that a rat I’m smelling?You say it’s fixedBut that you’ve won as well; And I’ll be damnedIf I hear one more slanderUpon the... Continue Reading →

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