Elysium – after Nirvana

I'm so happy because todayI learned that TrumpHad lost the raceHe’s so ugly, but that’s ok because he’s throughWe've cracked his nutsSunday morning will be a happy one for allThe human raceWe might just make it, a few more yearsWe’ve ditched that foolYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI was so angry but that’s ok... Continue Reading →

Oh Donny Boy/Democracy’s Lament

To the tune of Londonderry Air. Warning! Contains strong language and political themes: Oh Donny boy,The blatant lies you’re tellingStink to high heavenAnd right back down to hell: You claim it’s fraudIs that a rat I’m smelling?You say it’s fixedBut that you’ve won as well; And I’ll be damnedIf I hear one more slanderUpon the... Continue Reading →

As America goes to the Polls

I read of the ever-increasing death tollAs America goes to the pollsAnd the millions of acres all burned into coalAs we pray for our lives and our souls And the souls of the fallen, commend them to heavenAs America goes to the polls:Animal, mineral, planet now barrenWe pray for our lands and our souls And... Continue Reading →

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