All Closed: A Poem about #Quarantine

The park where my children used to play; 
My eldest’s school;
My youngest’s nursery;
The bustling bars
And sculptures by the sea: 
All closed.

All closed,
Cordoned off;
As if unloved, un-longed-for, undreamed-of
Through dark enduring days:
All lies.

Lies which daily rule our lives;
Lies, damned lies and statistics:
50% of this group die while
70% of that survive,
But then again
Who lives?

Who lives in isolation?
Who lives, beset by doubts, locked in by fear?
Who lives and thrives upon imagination?
Who lives alone?
Who lives without that thing they most 
Hold dear?

Hold dear
Fond memories of those you love,
Undimmed and un-erased
For none survive, nor anyone can live
With hearts and hands and tearstained eyes
All closed.

The sculptures by the sea, all closed

(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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