The Colour of Love #FlashFiction #ProsePoem

The sky, for the whole of that period in my life was painted the colour of love.

Love taints the sky. I cant describe the colour. An infra-red mixed with an ultraviolet; a sunny autumn day in Catalunya; a sunset over Montserrat. Love paints the sky.
A colour like no other.

Have you ever driven through a rainbow? It’s only happened to me once. The whole of the sky split into surreal prismatic colour. This was long ago, en route to Edinburgh. But it was the same sky, those years when I loved you, right up until the day we said goodbye.

For a long period after that, the sky turned black.

I met you again, under the Andalusian sun, not long ago. Unexpectedly. Our eyes met – again I saw that rainbow of prismatic light. 

We entered a cafe together, and you showed me a picture of your girl. She was beautiful, just like a painted rainbow.

‘But she’s not with you now?’ I asked, ‘Does that not bother you? You seem so happy – how?’

‘When you’re in love,’ you told me, ‘love paints the sky, a colour like no other – ‘

And I understand completely. I’ve been there before. And what’s more: I can go there and see those colours any time I want now, because you taught me how to love myself.

I wish that I could do the same for you.

The colour of love

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