Guest Post: 3 Poems by Don Matthews

Today I’m thrilled to be hosting Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious once again at EIF. Don hails from Australia and always writes with his mate Skip (featured above, tired out from all the hilarity) at his side. He taps into the silly side of things quite delightfully, but there is also a serious side to his work, as you will see below.

Spike, and I, and the School of Silliness

Spike Milligan

Are you aware that I went to
The same School of Silliness as Spike?
Well neither did I till I found out
The School had closed down (gone on strike)

The janitor was sorting through records
When low and behold he did find
That Spike was a graduate of said School
And I followed quite far behind

The janitor I asked to dig further
We found that Spike got a degree
I asked what I got for my silliness
He said, gosh Don, you got Pass 3

Now although Spike did get a degree
And I followed up with Pass 3
We’re both really proud of our achievements
‘Cause we both come from great Australee

We know that Spike used his learnt silliness
To earn him great fortune and fame
If I also apply my great learning
Could I follow on, do the same ?

My story ’bout Spike ends quite sadly
He said t’wards the end he was ill
But everyone thought he was joking
Was no joke, he ended dying, ‘gainst his will

So how can I now bring your smile back?
Just follow my poems every day
Written to give fun and enjoyment
From where I am 10,000 miles away

Don Matthews August 2018
“Life is a long agonized illness only curable by death”  (Spike Milligan)

A touch it means a lot to me

A touch it means a lot to me
It says I care ’bout you
A hand, an arm or maybe knee
I care about you too

It doesn’t need to be a hug
But hugs do have their place
A little touch of physicalness
Does good the human race


(Don Matthews July 2017)
Poet in Training

Haiku – White Screen

Admiring white screen
Product of many hours work
Am pleased with result

Don Matthews
June 2019 – First Published on The Flippant, Comic, and Serious.

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  1. I have been following Don since I started blogging a couple of months ago. He has a great sense of humour and his poems always make me laugh.

  2. Cindy, Skip thinks it’s hilarious you mistook him for a donkey. He’s me pet kangaroo, Skippy, Skip for short. He was a TV star in his youth but he’s now in retirement. I exercise him and provide his beer. You could say I’m an aged kangaroo home. Don’t get any support from the government though. Buggers. Yes, he does look a bit like a donkey Ingrid.

    Just for you Cindy

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