Don Matthews Trilogy #2 #poetry

In what looks set to become a regular guest slot at EIF, Don Matthews of The Flippant, Comic, and Serious has contributed a further trilogy of poems. I think they speak for themselves so this post needs very little introduction. I need only add that if you enjoy this post you should head over to his site for more antipodean entertainment. You might even get to meet his mate Skip (pictured above, laughing his hind legs off.)

WordPress and I. A Marriage Made in Heaven

I love our union, WordPress
(Must not forget cap P)
I find it so exciting
WordPress and poet me
Shit…forgot the P

Learning code? I’m past it
(Remember Don, cap P)
I would be more than hopeless
Word Press come marry me
Shit.. there’s no space

Take me with your hidden code
Make all my dreams come true
Help me grow in Blogger Land
And fertilize me too

Don Matthews
May 2020

A Poet’s Right

OK I might not write
Top-class poetry
So what? I get a kick out
Of writing just for me

To me I’ve always thought that
Poets basically
Write poetry to please themselves
And not for you or me

But if you/me or anyone
Like what they’re writing down
Simple, trite or otherwise
We follow them around

You may think what
I’ve written here
Is simple, plain and trite
So what? I’ve exercised my poet’s right
To write just what I like

Don Matthews
May 2020

All of us are Mortal

All of us are mortal
All of us will die
Richard Penniman just died
All did say goodbye

Reader, you are mortal
Reader you will die
I as poet will also
All will say goodbye

Which made me start to wonder
Where I will go next?
If you get there before me
Just let me know by text

Don Matthews
May 2020

RIP Richard Penniman (Little Richard)

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  1. Great fun here and love his mate Skip as much as him! Thanks for the fun morning read and groovin to Lucille in the morning with the classic Little Richard!
    Here’s to you Ingrid and Richard to more fun and to us all getting the P’s with the W’s straight. lol!

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