Forces of Nature – #dVerse quadrille #poetry

Magnetism-electro variety
inducing current
provoking propulsion
along magnetised or was it
electrified track-changes in me
grounded like

Gravity is weaker they say
however its long-distance
pull is strong enough
to hold us down, or
keep us earth-anchored:
polarised: light,

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

Written for dVerse Quadrille #114 – Poetical Magnetism where De Jackson is hosting, and has asked us to write a poem including some form of the word ‘magnet.’

It always takes me a while to whittle my lines down to exactly 44 words and give them some kind of shape and meaning: this is the unique challenge of the dVerse Quadrille. Maybe I cheated this time with too many compound words, but I think this is allowed, under the rules of poetic license…

41 thoughts on “Forces of Nature – #dVerse quadrille #poetry

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  1. This is incredibly creative spilling of words and imagery and ofcourse philosophy that comes forward in shape of poetry, Ingrid! 😀

  2. Ingrid I love all the energy in this poem. It crackles and snaps in pools you right through just like magnetism. Well written!

  3. I like the use of Kenning-like compound words in your quadrille, Ingrid, which gives it pace and energy. I especially like ’earth-anchored’.

  4. We’re light and grounded, like lightning hitting the earth. I like that–and the hyphens are fine. I think many of us to that, especially for quadrilles. 😀

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