Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #9

More poetry from the Mind of matthews don today. Don writes at The Flippant, Comic, and Serious, aided and abetted by his drinking buddy and security man Skip (pictured above) and his pesky puss Priscilla. Do head over there to meet the madcap Matthews clan!

Playground for the Mind of matthews don

I’ve cast my mind in the leading role, hence capital Mind. Myself Iโ€™ve cast in a minor role, hence lowercase matthews don.

The WordPress infused Mind

It has a new-built playground
The Mind of matthews don
Flippant, Comic, Serious
For which to play in/on

Playground builder WordPress
Has thought of everything
From swings to see-saws, roundabouts
And even things called ping


What will this Mind of matthews
don find there to do?
Weโ€™ll have to wait, watch, listen, yep

Don Matthews
October 2020

I’ve Always Liked Doing Things Different

Dr Seuss

I’ve always liked doing things different
Mix words around, thoughts upside down
I’ve got no intention to lie in convention
Despite those who look on and frown

Why don’t you try doing things different?
Change grammar round rip it in two
You might be surprised at what jumps out
To the pleasure of others, and you

And don’t be afraid to break boundaries
That hold you and everyone down
Get out of your intention to lie in convention
And forget those who look on and frown

Take advice from the wise Doctor Seuss
When you want to break out and let go
Those that mind do not matter, those that matter don’t mind
This is so, this is so, this is so.

Don Matthews
June 2017

“As long as we allow convention to govern us we will never make progress”ย  (Don Matthews)

Friends (cinquain)

Good friends
Needed, relied on
Smiling, laughing, crying
Creators of long-lasting bonds

Don Matthews
June 2015

This a cinquain (sin-cane) poem. Developed by American poet Adelaide Crapsey about 100 years ago. First line has 2 syllables, second 4, third 6, fourth 8 and fifth 2. It is short, simple and carries a story. When centred it forms a diamond.

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