Postcards from Slovenia #39: Pokljuka in Winter

Today’s postcard comes to you from a true Christmas wonderland, the Pokljuka Plateau which lies at an altitude of 1100-1400m (3,600-4,600ft) high above the lakes of Bled and Bohinj. Though the ski slopes are currently closed, it is still possible to ski and sledge here, which those lucky enough to be locked down in the are have been doing.

When we first visited, the facilities were completely snowed under:

Snow, trees, playground
Anyone for basketball?
Snow, house, winter
The Sports Bar
Houses, trees, snow
In the bleak midwinter

A few days later, the sun came out, and we were rewarded with these glorious winter scenes:

Trees, snow, sunlight
Stand of spruce in the snow
Spruce trees, road, snow
The road to Pokljuka

Slovenia is famous for its spruce trees: every year, one of these majestic Christmas trees is sent to the Vatican as a gift to the Pope.

Spruce trees, winter
Deeper into the forest
Pokljuka, snow, winter
Fresh tracks in the snow
Forest, snow, winter
ski slope, snow
Ski slopes
Mountain huts, winter

I have far too many images to include in this blog post, so do check out my Instagram if you want to see more. This will be the last postcard before Christmas, so enjoy the festivities and I’ll be sure to send some new postcards in the new year!


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  1. so much beautiful to look at in your pictures than being there Ingrid. Can you tell I’m a california girls. The kids much love it and if you wear the right clothes you’re all good. Snowball basket ball, not a bad call. Great captures!~ ❤️👏👏👏

    1. Thanks Cindy! I love the snow ⛄️ love the sun too but it doesn’t need to come with the heat. I enjoyed spring in Málaga, summer was too hot 🥵

      1. Oh it’s sooo good to have options and seasons for sure. My daughter is loving NYY.. snowing on her deck in manhattan. ❤️ too hot is not so hot for sure.

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