Interviewed for Spillwords ‘Spotlight on Writers’

I am grateful to Spillwords Press for taking the time to interview me for their ‘Spotlight on Writers’ series. This was a very pleasant surprise at the start of the New Year. If you want to find out a little more about me, and the inspiration behind my writing, head over to Spillwords to read the interview.

Spillwords interviews a different author every week for their ‘Spotlight on Writers‘ series. So if you have a look around their site you might discover some other writers you like. You will certainly discover many wonderful poems, essays and short stories.

The above photo was taken at Pokljuka last weekend, where there was around 1.5m snow. Quite remarkable! As I said in the interview, nature provides one of the biggest inspirations for my writing. I’m so lucky to have such stunning scenery on my doorstep. I do however think we can take inspiration from wherever we are, and whatever we are feeling, however challenging the present times may be.

Wishing you a happy and inspiring weekend!

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  1. Congrats on the interview, Ingrid. You have lived in so many amazing countries and that alone sounds awesome. Also, as someone who lives in a tropical country, I have to say that I’m looking at your photo with much envy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dauphy would like to be the first dog to say congratulations Ingrid! And congratulations from me also. Well done!
    Beautiful photos too. We both love your new blog photo. All change for the New Year?

  3. Heartfelt congrats πŸŽ‰βœ¨ and… wowzas gal!!! You (and the scenery) look amazing. Really beautiful. Love the new profile pic too. πŸ’›

  4. Excellent interview. Congratulations! I get many ideas in the shower, especially ones that solve artistic problems with something I’ve been working on. I remember a few snows like that from when I was a child! (K)

    1. I had a great story idea in a dream the other night, and I knew I should’ve written it down straight away because sure enough by the time I woke up properly it had gone!

  5. What a wonderful way to begin your new year. I enjoyed reading your interview. I loved your response to, “What defines Ingrid.” πŸ’“ You are so inspiring. 😊

  6. congrats on a lovely interview … it was exceptional!

    Tried to comment but spillwords have locked me out again! I’m always pleased to see a female interviewed … I have quite a number of poems published there but tire of their gender bias πŸ™

    Two men featured again this month! I have been nominated and know a female won the monthly vote but still a male was featured …

    1. Thank you, Kate! Don’t worry about the comment: I’ve locked myself of my account too 🀣.

      That’s interesting about the gender bias…it’s not like there aren’t plenty of great female writers out there!

      1. exactly … it’s disgusting in this day and age so I stopped submitting work πŸ™

        spillwords reset passwords every so often and that’s how we get locked out … such a kerfuffle to get back in …

  7. sooo fun to read your interview Ingrid! In the shower is the sign of a true poet.
    No poems from you when driving the heavy metal…. keep your eye on the road… that’s a true pet peeve and wow. just got your liscence.That could have been your kids in the video this morning… who’s gonna supervise their driving 🀣. Ok so now I have to go look this up… onomatopoeia:
    I’d never write a word with all of the learning that you put into this. xoxoxoxoo kuddos dear one! ❀️

  8. Congrats. What an interesting experience to be interviewed. It is not one I have ever had and can’t really image either. I will head over to give it a read.

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