Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #12

Don is back from the Christmas break with a fresh new trilogy of Flippant, Comic, and Serious poems for the New Year. By now, I’m sure his reputation precedes him, along with that of his best animal friends Priscilla and Skip (pictured above, looking lean and mean). But I do recommend you head over to his site to read some more from our friend Down Under!

My Neurons They Are Groaning

One of Don’s neurons!

My neurons they are groaning
Under all my rhyme
Why are you always whipping us
Whipping us big time?

You should be grateful neurons
With all your dose of whip
If not you’ll get slack, lazy and
My poetry will slip

Can’t let that happen….
Whip us some more….

Don Matthews April 2020

I’ve Got a Problem


There’s too much going on
My little head just can’t cope
If it were bigger it might just manage

Either God didn’t make it big enough
Or we’ve made too much for it

Bad planning I say
See my problem?

Don Matthews
May 2020

My Tin Money Box 1950’s

Don’s vintage money box!

I remember quite fondly my money box
Just starting my life out at school
Tin, no way in I could borrow
Thrift acquired young was the rule

My passbook (from bank) it recorded
The money I’d saved in my tin
Collected each week by the teller
Riding his bike all way in (Friday if I remember…)

There he would bring out his can opener
Pennies would all tumble out
Passbook would then be recorded and stamped
And that’s what school banking was about (in the 1950’s…)

And he’d give me a new one in the shape
of the Savings Bank of South Australia
headquarters King William St……

Don Matthews April 2020

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      1. lol.. i was falling asleep and now just remembered I have to reschedule something and by now you must have been whipped into shape and are sleeping.. lol..🤣 Good luck. heading to bed.

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