Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #14

It’s time once more for our weekly trip Down Under, where Don will be doling out some sense, sensibility and downright silliness to get the week off to a good start. Priscilla is busy getting Lizzie ready for the show (see featured image, above). To find out more about Priscilla, Lizzie and the whole FCS family, pay a visit to Don’s website.

Missed Warnings

USA missed warnings
A 100,000 dead
Administration, President
Caught fast asleep in bed

Australia heeded warnings
Less than a 100 dead
Promptly ordered lockdown
Australia used its head

Don Matthews
May 2020


My issue is bipolar mania
(We all do have issues of sorts)
Mine I received on arriving
Mine from my parents was caught

The issue’s not so much the problem
We all have to go with the flow
It’s how we then deal with these issues
Decides on which way we will go

Like you, I must take what life throws me
Must go with the flow just like you
My issue’s controlled with medications
I hope you have sorted yours too

Don Matthews
July 2020

Monty Python’s Bavarian Restaurant

Naive American tourists
Desiring Bavarian meal
Booked into a restaurant
With a Monty feel

Being in Bavaria
They wanted the real deal
But were at first, bit hesitant
With it’s Monty feel

Finally the tourists
Gave in to their fate
In that Bavarian restaurant
In which they chose to ate

Don Matthews
April 2019

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