Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #15

We’re back Down Under today with Don and the F.C.S. team. Skip was a bit upset that we haven’t featured him in a post recently, so I’ve included one of his best headshots this time around. Skip is Don’s drinking buddy and security detail. He also heads up the Sunday music selection over at The Flippant, Comic, and Serious. Now it’s over to Don for today’s thought-provoking trilogy:

It’s Your Fault Neurons

I wrote this when setting up the FCS site. It was a struggle. I eventually got there.

I’ve built myself a website
A steep and bloody curve
Received my Learners Permit
The blogosphere to serve got there!

I don’t know who is out there
I don’t know who I’ll meet
Excite-like feeling venture
I hope can stay on feet

Much of my work is different
(To the normal stuff)
Spilling out from out my mind
On to, and off my cuff yay!

You ask what brought about this?
My neurons are to blame
“We put in so much effort Don
You need more viewers, fame”

What can I say?…

Don Matthews May 2020

I’m a Protester Yay!

I’m a protester yay! I’m a protester
What about? I dunno? yippee yay!
I’ve locked meself up to the Parliament gates
Then I done went and threw ‘way the key


I’m protesting yay! I’m a protester
I’ve locked meself up yay yippee!
Oh no!, I gotta problem here officer
I need to unlock, go for pee

Can’t see key anywhere luv…..

Shit! I can’t hold out much longer….

Don Matthews
October 2019

We Seem to Have Lost the Idea of Moderation

Adapted from a newspaper article on the recent suicide of Australian Gavin Wilson amid protests at drag queens reading stories to kids

Our responses to issues
Need to be fast and emphatic
The time to make considered decisions
Sacrificed for the sake of speed and severity

We are pushed to the limit
In this era of extreme views
And have lost the idea of moderation

Opinions need to be supercharged and to be heard
We’ve pushed so far to the extreme flanks
That we’re finding it hard to return to the centre
So obsessed we are with opposing forces on the left and right
We have lost all sense of direction

Gavin Wilson committed suicide
From an accumulation of extremist ideas

That some have actually used his death
As just another opportunity to score points
Against their opponents
Is the most pitiful thing in this sorry mess

But that’s what we’ve come to

His family released a statement
It was considered and compassionate
Quiet, not shouting
Forgiving, not laying blame

It’s a lesson for us all

Don Matthews
January 2020

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  1. Three good poems again. Dauphy suspects that, like him, Skip does all the hard work and Don justs take the credit! Who am I to comment? 😂😂

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