Twitter Poetry Week 4

A whole four weeks of micro-poetry have flown by here at EIF! Once again, I have stuck mainly to the Tanka format for this week’s Tweets. I may try some other forms or free verse next week. I am really enjoying the stunning contributions from other Twitter poets, and two who definitely deserve a mention this week are:


Both runners-up in this week’s EIF Poetry Challenge!

Here’s my round-up for the week:

I still prefer writing longer poetry but I am finding this challenge interesting…I hope you are too! Remember you can join in any time by posting a poem in a single Tweet and tagging me @Experimentsinfc.

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      1. 😂😂 ‘Ou est la plume de ma tante?’ was the first French phrase we learned in school. It came in unimaginably handy during our ten years in France!🙂

  1. Your beautiful words on dancing wove into my heart! I love to dance in the flesh but with words it is better than anything my body can do. What a lovely way you have expressed that!
    Thanks plenty for the mention too. New forms of poetry easily become addictive!

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