Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #17

It’s Australian Open time, and Don’s cat Priscilla is ready for action. She’s honing her skills so that she’ll be fit to take part over Zoom should the opportunity arise. If she’s not too busy fitting her head into a piece of toast, that is!

If you enjoy Don’s unique blend of Flippant, Comic, and Serious poetry, do head over to his website to meet the FCS family!

Telly Tennis

Sitting watching telly
Tennis on the screen
See a lot of close-up shots
More if there I’d been

Cheaper too,,,,,,

Don Matthews January 2020

How I’m Dealing With Terminal Cancer

(This is not about me but about Adelaide lawyer Mark Griffin who has died since writing this)

I’m diagnosed with cancer
No chance, I’m doomed to die
I have two choices facing me
You ask which two? And why?

If all I think is about this day
This ugly day I end
‘Twill ruin every day between
Between my now and then

Don Matthews January 2020

Privacy Invasion

(True story)

A man in a marriage relationship
Was having an affair on the side
Emailing the lady on his Iphone
Taking his wife for a ride

By accident one day he forgot it
His wife accessed phone (made a raid)
Her husband was furious, giving reason
His privacy she dared to invade

Don Matthews April 2019

Guest Post at Experiments in Fiction…

If you write experimental short fiction, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email at I will also consider poetry submissions but I am specifically looking for short fiction or flash fiction that is experimental in nature.

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