Twitter Poetry Week 6

Regular readers may notice that a lot of these poems have already appeared in one form or another on this blog. Apologies for the repetition: some of the poems I have written this week fit nicely into a tweet so I decided to recycle. Do let me know your likes and dislikes: be honest, I can take it – honestly!

Join me for Sonnet Sunday!

As this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, I am going to post one or more good old-fashioned Shakespearian Sonnets. I’d love it if you join me! Write your own sonnet and link to mine in the comment section: this is not a competition, just a celebration of love and poetry. I hope to see you there…❤️

11 thoughts on “Twitter Poetry Week 6

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  1. My favourite was of course the chuckle inducing Victoria sponge poem!
    Not just the subject, but the rhythm of the poem was like the rising cake in the oven!

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