Twitter Poetry Week 8

Another week, another seven micro-poems for Twitter! Unfortunately, PMDD hit me really hard this month, and sapped me of much of my poetic inspiration. You will notice a few poems about PMDD here. In including them, I hope to be able to reach other sufferers and raise awareness and understanding of the condition. I ended... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 6

Regular readers may notice that a lot of these poems have already appeared in one form or another on this blog. Apologies for the repetition: some of the poems I have written this week fit nicely into a tweet so I decided to recycle. Do let me know your likes and dislikes: be honest, I... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 5

This week, I have freed myself from the restraints of the tanka format and tried to follow where inspiration took me. Inspiration being something that comes and goes, perhaps some of these short poems are more inspired than others. I offer them up for your consideration, do let me know if you have a particular... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 3

This week, I have mainly been writing tanka, as I've been trying to learn more about the form for the EIF Poetry Challenge. There are a few other forms in here too. Do let me know what you think; I'm always interested to know which micro-poems work best and why. This is a new style... Continue Reading →

Twitter Poetry Week 2

This was the week I discovered #TopTweetTuesday, hosted by @blackboughpoems. This is a place where many published poets share a poem via a tweet. It's a great place to connect with other poets on Twitter, and read some great excellent contemporary poetry. I shared my dVerse quadrille 'A dab hand' for my Day 12 tweet.... Continue Reading →

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