Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #18

This week, Don takes us on a reverse journey from Serious, via Flippant, to Comic. If you like his style, do check out his website where you can meet the FCS team: Skip – kangaroo/beer buddy/security man; Priscilla – cat of many colours and Ralph, Don’s faithful writing companion (pictured above.)

How and Why

(Geelong Australia)

The woman married (happy then)
Facebook told it all
Playing with their children
Going to football

The woman sat in court today
(Killed husband while he slept)
Set fire to him while in his chair
Her mother blew kiss, wept

The circumstances (yet unknown)
Which caused for him to die
Have not in court been dealt with yet
Not dealt with – how and why

Don Matthews February 2020


What’s it mean?
Quite benign?
Quite obscene?

Yes it’s in
You’re favourite dic
Or if you choose
Take any pick

It simply means
Three or more
Useless word
I ever saw

What a useless
Waste of time
Waste of rhyme

Three or more
Four, five, six
What a bore

How can I
Use this word
In a way that’s
Not absurd?

Houses lived in
In their walls
Doors have all

You won’t forget
This polyadic
Word you’ve met

Don Matthews March 2019

Prosaic Hell

I have so many poems
They wait, pile up, say “send”
They keep on procreating
It drives me round the bend

This bloody rhyme’s addictive
I gotta have my words
Injected for my daily fix
It’s damnably absurd

You say to me “Go rehab”
“They will de-rhyme your brain
Jack and Jill won’t climb the hill
They’ll prose you till you’re sane”

I’m worried your suggestion
Although you mean me well
Will simply addict-transfer me
Into prosaic hell

Don Matthews July 2019

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #18

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  1. The serious was very sad.

    Polyadic, educational.
    Polyadic kids to me
    Time for vasectomy?

    Rhyming addiction
    Needs benediction.

    Another good trio Monsieur Matthews!

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