Guest Post: Don Matthews Trilogy #21

Don’s mate Skip (pictured above) is refusing to speak to me after I featured Priscilla and Ralph in last week’s post. He’s gone to spend some quality time with this Kangaroo friends. Meanwhile Don continues working hard to bring you more Flippant, Comic, and Serious poetry. Enjoy this week’s offering!

I Am An Offbeat Poet

I am an offbeat poet
Don’t follow any norms
Correction – norms of rhyming
(To give it some sort form)

Since Thalia (my Muse of Mirth)
Arrived I rhyme more fun
My humour writes have increased and
Now number more than one

No matter poet type you are
And what you are about
The purpose of our writing is
To bring what’s inside out


Don Matthews January 2020

The Archive Monster’s Coming

Before  FCS I was part of another  online poetry group. At the end of each month they would archive everyone’s poems.  This little poem was quick to reassure the reader his breed would not disappear and be gobbled up by the Archive Monster… actually he doesn’t look scary at all 

The Archive Monster’s coming
Quickly, you me read
Don’t worry though, my poet will
Continue with my breed

Don Matthews 29 February 2020

A Strange Happening

A strange thing happened yesterday
When I did tap rotate
My bladder had this funny urge
And said “Go urinate”

I have a scientific mind
And had to know the reason
Why my bladder told me this
And why it needed easing?

Knowing Google’s reputation
In solving strange events
I quickly typed in ‘”Please help me
Why to the loo I’m sent?”

If you are tuned to science
I’m sure you’ve jumped ahead
My climax will be lost on you
This pee/tap thing, you’ve read

For those who are still wondering
Google helped me out
Why this pee/tap happens
What it’s all about

Psychologists they tell us
Suggestive power’s at play
Cos running water sounds like
Urine pissing ‘way

So if you need to do a pee
And urge has gone abscond
Simply turn a tap on, listen
Bladder will respond

Don Matthews July 2019

To help you if you are struggling to pee between now and the next Trilogy I have provided some music to help you go pee…..

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      1. apparantly not my husband and son…. Harry pees on them daily.🤣 A boy thing?🤣
        I have a towel and an upside down trick when taking him out.

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