‘At Liberty’ revisited for #TopTweetTuesday

At liberty 
for the first time in my life:
free to just drive and drive
or dive into the sea; 
to live without fear
no longer to care
how harshly you judge me.

At liberty
to stand alone
upon a mountain top:
I’ll stand beside you should you care
to join me
but I do not fear
to go my own way.

At liberty
for the first time in my life 
but that’s not quite the truth:
at liberty 
for the first time since my youth
to see the world, run wild
skip lightly, lightly as 
a carefree child.

© Experimentsinfiction 2020, All Rights Reserved

One from the archives…

I am revisiting this for #TopTweetTuesday over on Twitter, as my dVerse poet friend Kim of Writing in North Norfolk is hosting. I have spent last week over on the Dark Side with PMDD. It is now time to turn towards the light. I hope you enjoy this cheerful, positive and empowering poem for spring!

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  1. A happy return from the dark side, Ingrid. I love the idea of being able to ‘just drive and drive or dive into the sea’; the internal rhyme & repetition of the ‘ive’ sound, as well as the repetition of ‘at liberty’, emphasise the freedom and joy. Oh, to be a carefree child!

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