Sonnet Sunday announcement: Spring into Summer!

I have witnessed the transition from Spring into Summer in several different locations. In the UK, the saying goes, Ne’er cast a clout, till May is out. (‘Don’t take your (winter) clothes off until May is over.’) In Catalunya, it’s Pel maig cada dia un raig (‘In May, every day a ray’ – but the ‘ray’ refers to a downfall of rain, rather than sunshine.) However, in the South of Spain, you are more likely to hear ha llegado el calor! (‘the heat has arrived!’) This year, in Slovenia, the heat is late arriving, and we appear to be having a Catalan May. Perhaps due to the long, locked-down winter, I am more eager than ever for the arrival of the summer’s heat. I still haven’t been able to put away my winter clothes. Perhaps a Sonnet Sunday is just what we need to coax the sun out from behind the clouds…

Take part in Sonnet Sunday!

I will be hosting my ‘Spring into Summer’ Sonnet Sunday on 30th May. To take part, write a sonnet and link up to my first blog post of that day. The theme is the transition from Spring into Summer, or, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I would welcome some ‘Fall into Winter’ sonnets in contrast. If you would like to have your sonnet featured on this site, please email it to me: by midnight CET on 29th May. I have space for 3 sonnets, so you have a good chance to be featured.

For rules on writing a sonnet, Poetry Foundation has a good article concerning the structure. You can also read some of the previous Sonnet Sunday offerings on this site. If you have any questions about participating, feel free to ask below.

If you don’t feel like writing, you are of course welcome to simply tune in and enjoy the poetry. Here’s some Balkan-Latino fusion music to get the party started:

Vamos a la playa…

Hope to see you next Sunday for some serious Sonneteering!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

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  1. Ah the UK is definitely late warming up this year. Last year I was in shorts, playing badminton in the garden with large boy every week. This year, not a chance. Its bloody freezing and wet and my veggies are NOT happy.

  2. feeling ya Ingrid.. we too bad we can’t share a little of both

    a sonnet or a bonnet
    one or the other
    I wish for both
    one that can keep the sun off my face
    The other to bring rain, not fires
    and protect our human race

    1. Bravo Cindy πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» that’s what we need: a bit of both 😊🌈❀️

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