My review of ‘The Sound of Brilliance’

I’ve just finished reading The Sound of Brilliance, an anthology of poems from ‘The Short of It’ series edited by Susi Bocks. As Susi herself states of the book:

This publication aims to find people with an interest and talent for micro-writing, whether their preferred form is poetry or stories, expressing themselves in 150 or fewer words. The other goal is to become an outlet for those desiring to read short bursts of meaningful expressions.

It’s a great idea, because many people lead hectic lifestyles, and can perhaps only spare a few minutes per day to read something at their leisure. Susi has curated this collection in such a way as to ensure that even the shortest time spent reading will be meaningful.

Featured authors

The Sound of Brilliance features many authors whose work I already know and love from the WordPress community, including Jaya Avendel, Lorraine Lewis and Ken Gierke. However, Susi’s contributor list extends beyond this community, and has enabled me to discover new authors who primarily feature their poetry on Instagram and Twitter, or have websites hosted elsewhere.

As well as being a delight to read, this book also serves as a great reference if you are looking to connect with other poets who write short-form poetry and read more of their work. You can read interviews with some of the authors on Susi’s website.

My Verdict

The Sound of Brilliance is an appropriate title for a book in which the words shine from the page. I have tried my hand at writing short-form poetry myself, so I understand the skill and craftsmanship involved in getting the words exactly right. Susi has curated a fine collection of authors who know how to do this perfectly.

If you are looking for an introduction to short-form poetry, a ‘who’s who’ guide to the online poetry world, or simply some words of wisdom to brighten your day, this book is for you! The Sound of Brilliance is available from Amazon.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I very much appreciate your review and your kind words, Ingrid! It means a lot to me that you’ve captured my intent with The Short of It but also your praise for the efforts of myself and the contributors to The Sound of Brilliance. <3

  2. Ingrid, your review of a book I am so proud to be part of lights up my day! I love the insights you drew from the writing within the Sound of Brilliance and particularly enjoy your thoughts on the essence of micropoetry. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great write up Ingrid! I’ve heard wonderful things and as always your touch on the book is sound and always brilliant. So great to meet new poets and honor WP friends❣️

  4. It’s so true about this book serving as an introduction to poets hosted elsewhere. As it is, it’s hard to keep up with the poets I follow, and I’ve missed some of these when they were featured at “The Short of It.” It’s nice to see them in print.

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