Postcards from Slovenia #52: Debeli Rtič

Today I’m going to let you into a little secret: where to find another of Slovenia’s hidden wild beaches. Debeli Rtič or ‘Fat Cape’ is a secluded spot close to the border with Muggia in Italy. It compares nicely with Moonlight Bay, Strunjan, as only locals tend to visit. It’s not a very long beach, so it can still get a little crowded in Summer, but it opens onto shallow waters where some fascinating marine life can be found. It’s a great place to take the kids paddling, but bear in mind that there are no lifeguards on duty here.

How to get there

View towards the sea from Jadranska Cesta

Debeli Rtič is located just northwest of the small town of Ankaran close to the port city of Koper. Park at the Zdravilišče Debeli Rtič: this is a children’s health centre, youth hostel and hotel complex boasting delightful gardens, playgrounds and pools. It is well worth a visit, but today I want to show you a wild swimming spot. So leave the car at this point and take a walk.

From the car park, head back towards the main road, then take a left towards the cliffs following Jadranska Cesta, a dirt road between vineyards which passes a derelict observation tower dating back to WW2, when the area was occupied for a time by German forces. The vines in the area are owned by Vinakoper, the largest wine-producer on the Slovenian coast.

When you reach an information board informing you about the local marine life (which includes seahorses and the critically endangered Pinna Nobilis, or Fan Mussel), take a right, and continue walking along the cliff top until you see a stone staircase leading down to the shore. Here you may bathe in the open waters, and hunt for treasures such as Noah’s Ark Shells on the pebbly beach. Here’s one we found:

Arca Noae

I hope you enjoyed this Postcard from Slovenia. As ever, you can find more images from this trip on my Instagram grid. Stay tuned for more…

Srečno pot!

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  1. It looks like a beautiful place to visit, Ingrid! Thanks for sharing.

    (Sorry–I know I’ve missed some of your posts. I had paying work due, and an academic history book chapter that needs to be written. Very soon! Gulp. I tried thinking it into being, but it doesn’t work! 😀)

    1. Ooh sounds interesting Merril! What’s your period/specialist area? I will have to take a break to do some writing soon as well 😅

      1. My Ph.D. is in American History, and my dissertation/first book was on troubled marriages in 18th and early 19th century Pennsylvania, so most of my work has been on sexuality and gender. The chapter is on sexuality in eighteenth-century Philadelphia. Good luck with your writing!

    1. Thank you Michele 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s still a little bit cool but I think I’m going to be brave soon and jump in…

      1. Sounds cold to me! haha Probably not too bad for a quick wake-me-up dip! I am waking up near the Atlantic Ocean this morning. I do not know the temp, but the water is warm. 🥰

      2. It is so beautiful! Thank you. 😊 I will share photos on IG and then a quick post in a bit. Beats the intense heat and smoky skies in Phoenix! 😞

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