How can they not know you? #poetry #dVerse

How can they not know you?
You whose voice moves me
you sing songs of truth
to a world looking the other way.

You whose voice moves me
and moves all others who can hear
how can they not hear you?

You sing songs of truth
some people do not want to hear the truth
comforted by denial.

To a world looking the other way
you offer words to turn their heads
if only they could hear you.

© Experimentsinfiction 2021, All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to the poets of The Anthropocene Hymnal

Today, Grace is hosting Meeting the Bar and has asked us to write a Trimeric, a poetic form invented by Charles A. Stone in which each line of the first quatrain stanza forms the first line of the corresponding stanza (second line begins the second stanza, etc). The final three stanzas are tercets. Visit dVerse to try the form for yourself!

I had already written the first stanza, which occurred to me when reading through the manuscript of my forthcoming anthology, The Anthropocene Hymnal. There are so many strong voices in this anthology from poets who are passionate about protecting the planet and all of its creatures. I hope their voices will be heard far and wide!

The featured image shows a Narcissus Poeticus, or Poet’s Daffodil.

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  1. Lovely trimeric poem Ingrid. And such a powerful voice from all these other writers and poets, specially when:

    You sing songs of truth

    1. Thank you Grace, it fills me with hope when people care enough to spill their hearts out in poetry. And hope is what we need right now!

  2. Oh my heart this is incredibly heartfelt! I am so looking forward to The Anthropocene Hymnal 😍 as it speaks .. no sings and that too so passionately. A gorgeous Trimeric poem, Ingrid 💝💝

    1. Thank you Sanaa – my heart is filled with the passion dedication of the writers who contributed. I look forward to bringing it to the world 🌎

  3. The eternal question—why can’t you see what seems so obvious to me? Many won’t ever see unless you include more than just truth in the package. A free cruise maybe, or tickets for the footie.

  4. The voices of reason and truth become drowned out the the din of chaos, hypocracy, hate, bigotry, greed and politics. More’s the pity. I love your poetic voice, sharp and clean, cutting through the morass.

  5. I have not heard of this poetic form, but I love the cascading effect it creates!
    Your words are a thoughtful and beautiful tribute to a field of flowers where every bloom is a poet. 🙂

  6. Such a beautiful and passionate piece, Ingrid. If only we can allow ourselves to open our eyes, ears, and minds to listen. Truly.

    Voices lost, we just never know them because we are not listening. Beautifully written and heartfelt. ❤️

  7. This poem is lovely, period. But this makes it so much more special –

    I had already written the first stanza, which occurred to me when reading through…


  8. Mother Nature continues to talk, when are we going to start listening to her silent pleas ..
    A very interesting format Ingrid … the repetition adds power to the important message …

  9. I often listen to the voice of nature and mother earth. There is so much truth in nature if we would only listen with open ears. I know you are passionate about protecting our planet.

  10. Beautiful poem, Ingrid, honouring the voices who need to be heard. I love this new poetic form, it really sings in the way you’ve written it. I look forward to reading your upcoming anthology <3

  11. You sing songs of truth
    some people do not want to hear the truth
    comforted by denial.

    Love this observation, how true Ingrid! One wants to be sincere and truthful but some just refuse to listen and give excuses. A Pity!


  12. short and ever so powerful … sorry I didn’t submit for your anthology but bet you’ve got some great ones! Great idea, good luck with it all Ingrid

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