Reading [don’t tell me you’re only visiting] by Tan Ruey Fern

Today, I am sharing an audio recording of a remarkable poem by Tan Ruey Fern of Carboniferous Chronicles. This poem is included in The Anthropocene Hymnal. I love the unusual vocabulary, sing-song rhythm and hints at rhyme to call out the malign forces that seek to destroy the earth:

[don’t tell me you’re only visiting] read by Tan Ruey Fern

Image by BTS-BotrosTravelSolutions from Pixabay

Anthropocene Hymnal
Now available from Amazon. I will be donating my royalties to WWF.

26 thoughts on “Reading [don’t tell me you’re only visiting] by Tan Ruey Fern

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  1. This is so beautiful❤ Some really gorgeous lines here-
    “The rhythm of the Earth is not a play”
    “We should dance to worms instead”

    Loved it❤

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