Reading: ‘The Sycamores of Sweet Street’ by Lisa Fox

Today’s reading comes courtesy of Lisa Fox, whose delightful poem of love for and affinity with nature is a welcome addition to The Anthropocene Hymnal. You can hear her reading below.

Lisa Fox reads ‘The Sycamores of Sweet Street.’

The Featured Image is of a Sweet Street Sycamore, kindly provided by Lisa.

Lisa Fox<br>
Lisa Fox

Lisa Fox (aka Jade Li) enjoys a laissez-faire lifestyle near Lake Michigan after years of government work. She’s earned a couple of pieces of paper from uni. She’s studied philosophical daoism. She currently writes poetry and flash fiction at her Word Press blog. Favorite passtimes are reading, writing, listening to music, gardening and observing nature for advice, bicycling, and spending time with her adult sons and their families.

Now available from Amazon! I will be donating my royalties to WWF.

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