Reading: ‘Mother of Creation’ by RedCat

Today’s reading is a wonderful chant-poem from the poet RedCat, one of a series of chants and incantations which lead into the finale of The Anthropocene Hymnal:

‘Mother of Creation’ read by RedCat

RedCat’s love for music and dance sings clearly in The Poet’s Symphony (Raw Earth Ink, 2020). Passion for playing rhythms and rhymes, syllabic feet and metres. Born out of childhood and adolescence spent reading, singing, dancing and acting.
In Through The Looking Glass: Reflecting on Madness and Chaos Within (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2021), her poem Firebrand speaks volumes of her experience as a abuse and trauma survivor.
Her poetry spans love, life, folklore, mythology, environment, depression and surviving trauma. Originally from the deep woods, this fiery redhead now makes home in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo credit for author photo: Jonas NorΓ©n

Featured Image by Papa Smurf from Pixabay

Anthropocene Hymnal
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  1. Rhythmically strong and provoking …and here I sit with your wondrous anthology in hand listening to the poets recite their words … oh what a sweet treats I do observe …

  2. Powerful indeed. Your anthology, Ingrid, is finding homes around the world – Kerfe’s art work is especially admired. It is an anthology you can be proud of. I am so glad you did it.

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