Postcards from Slovenia #55: Postojna and Predjamski Grad in Autumn

If you want to know more about Postojna and Predjamski Grad, you can find individual postcards on these destinations in my archives. Today, I just want to share some of the delightful autumn colours we saw when we visited in October.

Postojna Cave

The area around the world-famous Postojna cave has some delightful deciduous woodland which was just beginning to turn when we visited:

yellow trees
Glorious autumn yellows: shame about the cars in the background!
Trees near Postojna
I especially love the russet red and gold tones…
Close to the Postojna Cave Park visitor centre

The featured image shows the Pivka river, which carved the massive cave system. Inside the cave, the scenery doesn’t change much with the seasons, but here’s a sneak peak inside if you are interested:

Predjamski Grad

Predjamski Grad is ‘the Castle in front of the Cave.’ It looks particularly magnificent in autumn:

Predjamski Grad
The Castle is built into a cave, providing ample natural defences.
View from the battlements
Stunning Autumn colours as seen from the battlements!
Glorious autumn colours as seen from inside the castle

The castle itself is fascinating to look around inside. For a photo tour, visit my Instagram. I’ve also joined Pixabay, where you can download some of my images and use them for yourself if you like! All I ask in return is a thumbs up, or (if you’re feeling particularly generous) a ‘coffee!’

I hope you enjoyed this Postcard from Slovenia! Stay tuned for more, as my travels continue…

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping to see Predjamski Grad on my drive through Slovenia, but it was getting late in the day and I needed to push on to my overnight destination.

  2. so fun to see your pics of Solvenia.. it’s been awhile I think… love the caves and the music added a special flair and fun Ingrid!💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏

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