EIF Goes into Business!

Exciting news! Experiments in Fiction is now no longer just your favourite poetry and fiction website πŸ™‚ it is also my own small business. This means I have taken a further step towards my dream of making a living from my writing. Of course, the main reason we write is because we love it, but there are times when we also need to put food on the table. So we either take a day job, and write in our spare time, or try to make a living from our writing. The latter option can certainly seem a bit daunting, but I have devoted so much time to this dream already that for me, the time is right to move on to this next stage!

What does this mean for Experiments in Fiction?

Regular readers need not worry: I hate ads as much as you do, so I will not be adding these to the site. What I am planning to offer from early next year is an exciting range of online poetry courses. These may interest people who wish to know more about the history of poetry in English, or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of poetry (how to write different metres, rhyme schemes, etc). I intend to teach the rules so you can break them. Poetry rebels will be more than welcome!

I’m also working on a Newsletter, with the first edition to be published in January. From that point on, all you will need to do is sign up to find out more about the courses I will offer. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about the type of content you would like me to include within my courses, leave a comment below or email me: experimentsinfiction@protonmail.com.

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  1. Wow Ingrid. That’s a very brave move. I am sure it will work out as you are so determined and also resourceful. Congratulations Ingrid. Keep the dream going. ❀️

  2. Well done! Good luck! I hope it will be successful. No sorry, I trust it will be successful! 😁 Go forth!

  3. Oh wow. Awesome. It will go swell I know. I look forward to joining your newsletter in the new year. Is Shakespearean sonnets something you’ll teach? I’d be interested in that.
    Anyway, here’s looking at you. Go, You!

  4. Best of luck in your endeavors. I made a living from writing newsletters for 25 years, so yes, it can be done. The best (unsolicited) advice I can give is to be mindful of burnout.

  5. This is a wonderful way to expand your boundaries, Ingrid, and pass on what you know to others. I connect with the idea of teaching the rules so others can break them!

  6. This is a natural next step Ingrid and I’ve been waiting for you to move into this arena. I love it and I know you will be extraordinarily successful in this new business! πŸ’– πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Kudos to you!!! πŸ’–
    I know already how to break the rules but it would be good to know what I’m breaking. xo Nice job!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Wonderful Ingrid. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and lots of luck hon. Your poetry is beautiful and I am sure you can offer a wealth of knowledge to everyone.
    Let us know when we can sign for the newsletter.

  8. I was scrolling around, cause I hadn’t seen your poetry at dverse for a bit…think this is grand idea, as you mention newsletter I thought I’d suggest sites….ko-fi.com is free, costs you nothing, and of course you can put your own monthly fee for the course…substack.com take 10% of your takings, a lot, but they are growing…revue.com take 5%, paapyrus.so take 5%, and patreon I am not sure. I think your idea is brilliant, needs to be marketed and will take time to grow, would use ALL the sites. Would also suggest incorporating a podcast, which you can in some sites, others I think you can link soundcloud, and students could of course….anyway, just thoughts, all the best..

    1. Thank you, Ain – I do apologise that this somehow went to spam! This is a great idea to market the courses across several platforms. At the moment, I’m really busy with the publishing side of things, but I think the courses could well be another valuable income stream. I have the ideas ready to go, just need to find the time and energy to create them!

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