Coming soon, my first solo poetry collection, ’40 Poems At 40!’

I am excited to announce the forthcoming publication of my first solo poetry collection, 40 Poems At 40, on 11/02/22. This deeply personal collection will be published via EIF publishing on my 40th birthday. The poems are rooted in my experience of life, and chart a journey of self-discovery. They are not strictly autobiographical, but they illustrate aspects of my character and incidents from my life (real and imagined) which have greatly influenced my poetry.

Read this stunning review by Gabriela Marie Milton

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Gabriela, Amazon #1 Bestselling author, who has reviewed my book today on her Shortprose blog. If you want to know more about the collection, please read this wonderful review.

Ingrid has written 40 beautiful poems. 40 beautiful poems in which one comes face to face with yearnings to change the world, biographical notes, questions about the birth of the universe, pain, and love.

Gabriela Marie Milton, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

The ebook will be available for pre-order from Amazon on 01/02/22, and both ebook and paperback format will be available to buy on 11/02/22. I do hope you will enjoy reading this collection as much as I did writing and compiling it!


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  1. Ingrid, you are amazing. It is with delight I see you’ve published a book of your inspired poems. Your muse is strong. Congratulations <3

  2. CongratulationsπŸ’ This is an wonderful achievement and will apart of your legacy that will remain even after your gone. A major endeavor, truly I am happy for you🎈πŸ₯‚

  3. Many congratulations Ingrid…what a beautiful review by Gabriela…I’ve just found out that even though I’ve been following your blog, I wasn’t able to receive any notification…it was turned off somehow…

  4. Congratulations, Ingrid! I’m excited and so happy for you! Did I read that the preorder is already available? I would like to preorder when it is. ☺️

  5. Love milestone collections! I put together a little chapbook when I turned 50 – seemed like the right thing to do then!! Good luck with the book and Congratulations again!

  6. Good luck with this venture. I am sure there are many poets looking for more than just a standard Kindle ebook. I prefer making and hand-binding my own collections.

  7. Congratulations on putting it all together! Getting your own work in print is always a daunting prospect, but well worth it in the end πŸ™‚

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