Advance Review of ’40 Poems At 40′ from Nick Reeves!

As the launch date approaches, I am thrilled and humbled by this stunning review of my first solo poetry collection from the wonderful Nick Reeves.

Please head over to his blog and have a read, and do check out his work, because it is exceptional. I will leave you with a quote:

40 Poems… is also poetry of place and space, and here lie the clues and the beauty to Wilson’s poetry. Her work is charted, landscaped, travelled, explorative and laden with adventure. There are bright, sad, dreamy postcards telling of the beauty of Barcelona, the slate-grey, but singing, county of Cumbria, Malaga, ‘the emptiness’ of Manchester, ‘the fields’ of London, ‘the ancient pasts’ of Newcastle, the mysterious beauty of Slovenia, Venice and its lullaby… lapping water is never far from her ear.

Nick Reeves, review of ’40 Poems At 40′

Just a quick note that I hope the e-book will be available for pre-order from tomorrow, but I am awaiting the green light from Amazon: watch this space for updates!

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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  1. Quite adorable, my friend. An interesting collection it has to be. I’m amazed with that review from Nick Reeves. It says a lot about your work and even builds our longing to read. 😊

  2. Such a stunning review, Ingrid! How wonderful to have that vote of confidence pre-publication. Congratulations, and well-deserved, i’m sure! I like your title, too. 😀

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