Golden Green #poetry #earthweal

I see green in the early Springtime sunshine: 
golden green
the sky is whispering the trees awake
out of Winter slumber
stirrings to life are all around 
and in my heart
a hidden world of wonder
between, beneath 
below and under
a current of pure love
out of every branch and bough 
with sacred words
to welcome in the Spring

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Written for earthweal

Brendan explains in his challenge that:

This week, earthweal is a sanctum of green fire. Tells us about wildness in your world and what makes it sacred.

He points out that ‘The aesthetic response to wildness is poetry as prayer.’ This is more of a prayer or exhalation than a skilfully-developed poem on my part, with the limited time I have at present. But, to answer one of the prompt questions, for me at least, poetry most definitely is prayer.

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  1. Spring is awakening green fire — “a current of pure love / bursting / out of every branch and bough / alive” — and embracing it with the heart is the surest prayer of all. Amen!

  2. This is the way I feel too, with the increased daylight and green things starting to poke up. A miracle that occurs each year feeling like the first time.

  3. “the sky is whispering the trees awake” and then they accept the love, alive and ripe! Green fire is there for us to join in. Mighty fine poetry.

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