#NaShiHaiKuMo2022 Day 14

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      1. I actually do like tea (and herb teas at night), but I LOVE coffee, especially first thing in the morning! I love the smell and taste. . .

      2. Yes, I imagine so. I wasn’t sure how widespread coffee drinking was in the UK–but I suppose it’s become ubiquitous everywhere now. My parents never drank tea that I can remember–except in London. Early mornings there was always the scent of brewed coffee in our house–and there still is. 😊

      3. Were your parents British? Everyone drinks coffee here too, but the tea in the morning ritual is normal. During times of crisis, there must be a constant flow of tea and biscuits!

      4. No, no British family at all. (One family trip to London when I was little.)
        It’s good to know that all those shows and movies from the UK are accurate. 😏

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